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Play only if the Runner made a run during his or her last turn.

Trash X cards from the top of R&D. The Runner trashes 1 installed program or piece of hardware with an install cost of X or less.


Page 10, Column 2, Paragraph(s) 16-18, FAQ
The Corp must choose X before trashing cards from R&D.

The Corp cannot choose a number that is greater than the number of cards in R&D.

The Corp can play Power Shutdown even if the Runner has no installed cards.

Related Rulings

  • X is decided when the trash effect resolves. The Corporation must choose X before trashing and looking at the cards. The Corporation cannot trash more cards then there are in R&D.[1]:Ruling


  1. X Variable Ruling
    When is a variable chosen for a card in which that variable is not defined by the card itself?When deciding X, is it decided by the effect including X or is it decided by choosing an X and then resolving the effect with X in it?
    2a. The variable is chosen whenever it is necessary to resolve the effect. So for Vamp, you do not have to set the value of X until the run is successful. For Psychographics, you have to set the value when playing it because it is part of the cost. So option 1 is correct. 2b. X is a value that is set at one time. So you spend X credits from Vamp, but you cannot spend more credits than you have. With Power Shutdown, you trash X cards from your deck, but you do not see the cards that are trashed until X is defined. You cannot trash more than the number of cards in your deck, either.