The Corporation cannot play Power Shutdown unless the Runner is able to trash a card from its effect.


1) Can the corp play a Power Shutdown and declare X as 0, even if the runner has no hardware/programs with an install cost less than 0? Does this still count as "resolving the effect" of the card, if nothing happened?

2) Supposing the runner has no hardware or programs installed at all, can the corp play Power Shutdown for any amount?


Tybb-sly 1&2. No. Unless the Runner is able to trash a card from the ability, the card cannot be played.


This ruling seems in direct contradiction to the Partially Resolvable Effects Ruling and the rules on unresolvable effects. Trashing cards from R&D into Archives changes the game state and should thus be a legal play, but according to this ruling it is not.


Posted to BoardGameGeek by Sean Trundle on December 22, 2014

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