When you score Project Ares, the Runner trashes 1 of his or her installed cards for each advancement token on Project Ares over 4. If the Runner trashes at least 1 card, take 1 bad publicity.
Who wants to start a war?

Related FAQsEdit

  • FAQ 1.3.25 - The Runner can choose Sacrificial Construct as one of the cards to trash to Project Ares and also use Sacrificial Construct to prevent the trashing of another chosen card.

Related RulingsEdit


  1. Sacrificial Construct v. Project Ares Ruling
    The FAQ states that if the Runner is required to trash two cards to Project Ares, then they can target Sacrificial Construct and another card, then use Sacrificial Construct to prevent the other card being trashed. If this happens, and these were the only two cards being targeted by Project Ares, does the Corp still take a Bad Publicity? The card reads they should if the Runner trashed any cards; however it may be argued that they did not trash cards as a direct result of the Ares effect. I have seen some very circular arguments on this topic, so an answer would be very appreciated!
    The Corp would not take the bad publicity, because the Runner did not trash a card as the direct result of Project Ares.
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