As an additional cost to play this event, spend Click.

Place up to 3 advancement tokens on an unrezzed card in a remote server. Gain 2Credit for each advancement token placed. You cannot access that card this turn.

Related RulingsEdit

  • Queen's Gambit only stops the Runner from accessing the chosen card specifically; it does not cause the Runner to skip accessing entirely.[1]:Ruling


  1. Bank Job v. Prohibited Access Ruling
    If a remote server has an agenda and Ash. I Queens Gambit ash. I have a Bank Job in play. I run on that remote, he rezzes ash, I dont beat the trace. I now cannot access ash, ash says I cannot access any other cards.

    I would assume I can't use bank job in this case, but it starts getting more complicated.

    I have bank job. If you have Bernice Mai and an agenda in a remote server. I queens gambit the agenda. I run, run is successful, bernice triggers, I beat the trace and bernice dies. Do I now skip the access step and can't bank job?

    In each scenario you would attempt to access cards, and can replace that attempt with Bank Job. If you did not use Bank Job, then you would attempt to access and find no legal cards to access.
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