This is the twelfth in a series of unofficial FAQs released with each new data pack. Below are rulings from the ANCUR staff regarding some of the cards in Quorum, as approved by the lead designer Michael Boggs.


1. Can Sifr be used on Lotus Field?

Ancurprofile.png No. Lotus Field cannot have its strength lowered.

2. What is Wraparound’s strength if there is no fracter installed and the Runner uses Sifr? What if the Runner then installs Paperclip from the heap?

Ancurprofile.png Wraparound will be 0 strength until the end of the encounter or until another strength modifier is applied. It will still be 0 after Paperclip is installed, as Wraparound losing the +7 strength modifier is not the same as applying a -7 modifier.

3. The Runner has a Parasite with four counters installed on a rezzed Architect and an Atman with no power counters on it. Can the Runner use Sifr to set Architect’s strength to 0 so they can break it with Atman?

Ancurprofile.png No. Sifr can only lower the strength of an ice to 0, it cannot raise it.

4. The Corp has a Sandburg rezzed and 14Credit.png. The Runner has a Faust installed. If the Runner uses Sifr when they encounter Bulwark, what is Bulwark’s final strength?

Ancurprofile.png Bulwark’s final strength once the runner has the ability to use paid abilities to break subroutines is 3. When Sifr is used, it is the most recently applied modifier, so even though Sandburg gives Bulwark +2 strength it still has a final strength of 0. Then when Bulwark’s ability resolves causing the Corp to go from 14Credit.png to 16Credit.png, Sandburg’s effect updates and becomes the most recently applied modifier, which applies after Sifr sets the strength from the base of 8 to 0; the final strength becomes 3.

Aaron Marron

5. Can the Runner use Aaron Marron when they have no tags? How about if the stack is empty?

Ancurprofile.png As long as either a tag would be removed or a card would be drawn, the ability has the potential to change the game state and thus can be used. If both the stack is empty and the Runner has no tags, then Aaron Marron cannot possibly change the game state and thus cannot be used.


6. Can the Runner play two Encores on the same turn?

Ancurprofile.png If the Runner has enough clicks to run successfully on R&D, HQ, and Archives then play two Encores, then the Runner takes two additional turns after that one.

Peace in Our Time

7. Can the Runner play Peace in Our Time if they’ve already made any runs before spending any clicks, such as with Out of the Ashes or Jak Sinclair?

Ancurprofile.png Yes.

Net Quarantine

8. Does the base link strength reduction include any link from installed cards?

Ancurprofile.png Yes.

9. When the first trace on a turn occurs with Net Quarantine scored, do cloud breakers then cost MU (and subsequently must be trashed if the Runner is over their memory limit)?

Ancurprofile.png No. Net Quarantine reduces the Runner’s base link strength, which is strength the Runner starts a trace with not the Runner’s current link.

Bryan Stinson

10. If the Corp plays Paywall Implementation with Bryan Stinson, does it get removed from the game? If so, when? What if the Runner trashes Bryan Stinson before an agenda is stolen or another current is played?

Ancurprofile.png Paywall Implementation will be removed from the game instead of trashed whenever it would normally get trashes, once an agenda is stolen or another current is played. Once Bryan Stinson’s ability is triggered, it exists independently of Bryan Stinson, so Paywall Implementation will still be removed from game instead of being trashed even if Bryan Stinson is trashed before that happens.

11. If the Corp plays a terminal transaction with Bryan Stinson, such as Violet Level Clearance, does it still get removed from the game?

Ancurprofile.png Yes. “After you resolve this operation” does not meet its trigger condition until the operation is trashed following its resolution, so the operation resolves, is removed from the game instead of being trashed, and then the game immediately advances to discard phase.


12. If the Corp spends 1Cr after playing Hedge Fund, do they place 1 power counter on NASX or 9?

Ancurprofile.png The Corp places 1 power counter on NASX. “That many power counters” refers to the number of credits “up to 2” that the Corp spends.

13. Does NASX trigger before or after the credits are gained? E.g. If the Corp plays Beanstalk Royalties with 0Cr in their credit pool, can they use NASX at all?

Ancurprofile.png NASX triggers after the credits are gained, so after playing Beanstalk Royalties the Corp can spend those credits for the NASX ability.

14. Does taking credits from a card (e.g. Corporate Sales Team) trigger NASX?

Ancurprofile.png No. Taking credits from a card is not the same as gaining credits.

15. Does moving credits from Sealed Vault to the Corp’s credit pool trigger NASX?

Ancurprofile.png No. Moving credits from a card into your credit pool is not the same as gaining credits.


16. If the first subroutine on Macrophage resolves and the trace is successful, but there are no virus counters hosted on cards and no cards that will be trashed from the purge effect, does the Corp still lose 2Cr from Fester?

Ancurprofile.png Yes. Subroutines that are not broken must resolve, even if they will not have any direct effect on the game state.

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