Trash: Prevent up to X net or brain damage. Trash cards from the top of your stack equal to the amount of damage prevented. X is the number of copies of Ramujan-Reliant 550 BMI installed (including the one just trashed).

Limit 6 per deck.

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  • January 28, 2016: Officially released[3]


The German version of Ramujan-Relian 550 BMI is mistranslated: instead of net and brain damage, it protects against net and meat damage.


  1. Kala Ghoda UFAQ, Question 1
    Does "Limit 6 per deck" apply during a draft?
    Yes. As it is part of the card text, this limit applies even during a draft.
  2. Kala Ghoda UFAQ, Question 6
    The Corp has a scored Sentinel Defense Program when the Runner encounters a Viktor 1.0 and cannot break the subroutines. How many copies of Ramujan-Reliant 550 BMI must be installed to prevent all the damage?
    The Runner only needs 1 copy of Ramujan-Reliant 550 BMI, which can be used to prevent the 1 brain damage from Viktor 1.0. Since Sentinel Defense Program requires the Runner to ‘’suffer’’ damage and not just be dealt damage, it does not trigger if the damage is prevented.
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