Whenever the Corp takes at least 1 bad publicity, access 1 card from HQ.

Trash: Expose 1 card.
"Flint? He's a burnout. A useless, alcoholic waste of Department time and money."
-Louis Blaine, NAPD Detective

"One of the best detectives on my PI list."
-Richard Harrison, NAPD Captain

Related RulingsEdit

  • Raymond Flint's ability does not override any effect that prohibits the Runner from accessing cards.[1]:Ruling
  • If Raymond Flint triggers while the Runner is in the middle of accessing HQ, then the ability waits to resolve until the earliest possible opportunity after that access ends. If the Runner is accessing any other server, then the HQ access can interrupt the other access.[2]:Ruling


  1. Limited Access Ruling
    If I have Raymond Flint in play (access 1 card from HQ when the corp gains 1 bad publicity) and I run on HQ with feint (cannot access any cards), and he rezzes an ice which gives him bad publicity, do I access any cards? (ok ignore this one, the cannot access part of feint only comes up when the run is successful, need some sort of upgrade that gives bad pub for this to matter )

    If I have raymond flint in play and I run on a remote server, I hit a Hudson 1.0, I choose not to break it (I cannot access more than 1 card during this run), and I access a Clone Retirement in the server (the corp gains 1 bad pub), can I access a card from HQ with raymond flint?

    If I do the above, but I use raymond flint during the run (the corp rezzed a bad pub ice) to access a card from HQ, and cannot access more than 1 card during this run due to not breaking hudson, then run successfully, and want to use bank job. I have accessed my 1 card that I am allowed to, can I use bank jobs replacement effect?

    It is assumed that Lukas meant not breaking both of Hudson 1.0's subroutines.

    You cannot access any cards with Raymond Flint if you play a Feint. And if you have already accessed a card, then you cannot access another card with Raymond Flint after running through a Hudson 1.0 and breaking both subroutines.

    In the last case, you can still use the Bank Job as a replacement effect.
  2. Accessing the Same Server Mid-Access Ruling
    So let's say you begin accessing 3 cards from HQ as a result of Raymond Flint triggering. Your first card is a Shock!, so you take 1 net damage, but you can't afford to trash the card, so you set it aside to continue accessing. Your second access from HQ is another Vulcan Coverup. You score the agenda, the corporation takes a bad publicity. The bad publicity triggers Raymond Flint's ability again. So again, if the above is correct, we'll access 3 cards from HQ. This is the part that is a bit trickier. Should I return the Shock! back to HQ for this access, or should it stay separate from cards I can now access?
    Similar to how you cannot perform an action while resolving an action, you cannot access the same server while accessing that server. When you begin to access cards from HQ, you must finish accessing cards from HQ before you access HQ again. The effect is still in the queue and resolves as soon as possible. So you would finish accessing HQ, and then access it again.
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