Android Netrunner Comprehensive Unofficial Rules Wiki

This is the twenty-fourth and final unofficial FAQ in a series of documents released with each new data pack. Below are rulings from the ANCUR staff, as approved by the lead designer Michael Boggs, regarding some of the cards in Kampala Ascendant and Reign and Reverie, as well as some revised and revisited cards from previous sets.

Updated Rulings


The Runner plays Prey and runs on a remote server protected by Turing. If the Runner then uses Inversificator to break all subroutines on Turing and swaps it with a piece of ice protecting R&D, how many cards must the Runner trash in order to trash the Turing?

After the Runner uses Inversificator to swap the Turing with another piece of ice, the Runner is no longer passing the Turing. Thus, Prey's trigger condition is no longer valid, and the ability fails to trigger.

Warden Fatuma

In what order does a piece of ice gain subroutines while hosting Wetwork Refit with Warden Fatuma active?

The subroutines are gained in "timestamp order". Whichever card became active first gives its subroutine first, then the other card gives its subroutine second. Thus, the most recently active card's subroutine will be the first subroutine, followed by the subroutine from the older card.

Logic Bomb

If the Runner uses Logic Bomb to bypass a piece of ice on which they have already broken all subroutines, are those subroutines still considered broken for the purposes of card abilities (such as Inversificator)?



If the Runner has zero cards in grip, can they still choose to shuffle their grip into the stack in order to keep Loki from ending the run?

Yes, as long as there are at least 2 cards in the stack that can be shuffled.

The Turning Wheel

Does The Turning Wheel allow the Runner to increase their accesses for both R&D and HQ or only one at a time?

Each time the Runner uses The Turning Wheel's ability, they must declare the server from which they wish to access additional cards.

Kampala Ascendent


Can the damage from Zer0 be prevented?

The Runner can prevent the damage from Zer0, but they will not gain 1 or draw 2 cards as the cost will not have fully been paid.

If the Runner prevents the damage from Zer0, can they attempt to use the ability again?

Yes. If the cost is prevented, then the ability never enters the "trigger met" state and thus has not yet been used.

What happens if the Runner tries to use Zer0 while Guru Davinder is installed?

Guru Davinder is not optional, so as long as Guru is installed he will prevent the damage from Zer0 every time the Runner tries to use Zer0's ability. Whenever this happens, the Runner then must trash Guru or pay 4. None of these attempts will put Zer0's ability into the "trigger met" state, so if Guru becomes uninstalled then the Runner will be able to freely use Zer0.


Can the Runner trash Mirāju with Hippo? If they do, are they moved to Archives?

Yes, Hippo can be used after breaking the subroutine on Mirāju, and the Runner will not be moved to Archives. Mirāju's ability checks whether the Runner broke its printed subroutine at the time they would pass it (Step 4 of the run). Since Hippo's ability triggers as soon as all subroutines are broken (in step 3.1), Mirāju is no longer active in order to replace passing with moving to Archives.


Does PAD Tap trigger when the Corp takes credits from a card like Adonis Campaign?

No. The Corp "takes" credits from Adonis Campaign.


Can the Runner use credits hosted on Flame-out to pay the install cost from using Self-Modifying Code?

No. Paying a program's install cost is not using that program, and Self-Modifying Code is no longer hosted on Flame-out when the program is being installed, so neither card can meet the requirements to use credits from Flame-out.

Kasi String

If there is a Kasi String in a score area, what happens when the Runner installs another Kasi String?


Mti Mwekundu: Life Improved

When the Corp installs a piece of ice with Mti Mwekundu, can they trash other ice protecting the server?


Does installing a piece of ice with Mti Mwekundu cause K. P. Lynn to trigger twice during a single run?

Yes. K. P. Lynn meets her trigger condition when the Runner has finished passing all the ice protecting the server at step 4 of the run. Mti does not meet its trigger condition until the Runner approaches the server at step 5 of the run. Mti’s ability then forces the Runner’s position back to step 2 with the newly installed piece of ice, so if the Runner encounters and then passes that ice they will meet K. P. Lynn’s trigger condition a second time.


If the Runner has fewer cards in their stack than required to trash by a subroutine on Mlinzi, can they still choose to trash the top cards of the stack to avoid the net damage?

Yes, but only if at least one card is trashed from the top card of the stack. If the Runner's stack is empty, they must suffer the net damage.

Reign and Reverie

Divide and Conquer

Can the Runner access upgrades installed in the root of R&D or HQ with Divide and Conquer?


What happens if the Runner uses The Turning Wheel during a run made with Divide and Conquer?

Because Runner must choose whether they wish to access an additional card from either R&D or HQ each time they use The Turning Wheel, each use of The Turning Wheel will only affect one of the accesses from Divide and Conquer.

What happens if the Runner plays Divide and Conquer after an unsuccessful trace from Black Hat?

The Runner accesses two additional cards from each of R&D and HQ. If the trace from Black Hat is unsuccessful, it sets up a floating conditional ability that triggers whenever the Runner accesses a card from either R&D or HQ.

If the Runner replaces Accessing Archives with another effect (e.g. installing Hades Shard, do they still access a card from HQ then R&D?


If the Runner plays Divide and Conquer with an Aumakua installed, how many times does Aumakua trigger?

Aumakua will trigger up to three times, once for each server accessed with no agendas stolen.

Guinea Pig

Can the Runner play Guinea Pig when it is the only card left in the grip?


If the Runner plays Guinea Pig with Dadiana Chacon installed and exactly 4 in their credit pool, does the Runner flatline?

Dadiana's ability triggers after the Runner pays the play cost of Guinea Pig but before the Guinea Pig's abilities resolve. As long as the Runner has at least 3 other cards in their grip, they do not die from Dadiana's ability. After the damage resolves, the Runner continues resolving Guinea Pig as normal.


Can the Runner use Patchwork to play Sure Gamble with only 3 in their credit pool?



Can Cradle have negative strength if the Runner has 6 or more cards in their grip? If so, what ice can Cradle break if its strength is negative?

Yes, strength on both ice and icebreakers can be negative. An icebreaker's strength being negative does not affect its basic functionality; it can still only break subroutines on ice with strength less than or equal to the icebreaker's strength.

District 99

If damage is the first time in a turn that a program or hardware is put into the heap, does District 99 gain a power counter?

Yes. Damage causes cards to be trashed.

If discarding at the end of the Runner's turn is the first time that turn a program or hardware is put into the heap, does District 99 gain a power counter?

No. Discarding is not trashing.

Liza Talking Thunder

Can the Runner avoid the tag and still draw the 2 cards?

Yes. The cards and the tag are not dependent on each other, they are two separate effects combine into one composite ability.

Thunder Art Gallery

The Runner has Forger and Thunder Art Gallery installed when they access a Snare!. If they avoid the tag with Forger and install a Sports Hopper with the Gallery, can they use the Sports Hopper to draw more cards to survive the incoming net damage? Can the Runner install and use Bio-Modeled Network to prevent the incoming net damage?

The Runner uses Forger during the prevent/avoid ability window while Snare!’s ability is in the “trigger” state. Thunder Art Gallery triggers and resolves as a chain reaction during this window. Once it is resolved, the Runner can continue to trigger relevant prevent/avoid abilities, such as Bio-Modeled Network, including a Bio-Modeled Network installed during that same window with Thunder Art Gallery. The Runner cannot use the Sports Hopper in this situation, as it does not have a prevent/avoid ability, and there is no window for standard paid abilities during access.

The Runner has Citadel Sanctuary, Thunder Art Gallery, and Autoscripter installed. At the end of the Runner’s turn, they use Citadel Sanctuary to remove a tag, triggering Thunder Art Gallery. Does the Runner gain a click from Autoscripter if they install a program with the Gallery?

No. Players cannot gain or spend clicks during their discard phases.

Mind's Eye

Can the access from Mind's Eye be augmented with additional accesses from cards like Akiko Nisei, Nyashia, and eXer?

Yes. Mind's Eye resolves steps 5.5 through 5.6 of the Timing Structure of a Run as if the Runner had just made a successful run on R&D, including applying effects that modify accessing cards from R&D and setting the number of cards to access. However, you cannot access upgrades installed in the root of R&D with Mind's Eye, nor can you apply effects like The Turning Wheel that depend on a run being in progress.


If the Runner access a card and then trashes that card later in the turn (e.g. with Apocalypse or Political Operative), does Mâché gain power counters?

No. Mâché triggers when the Runner trashes a card at the time of access.


If the Runner uses credits from Flame-out to use Ika, and then moves Ika off of Flame-out, is Ika still trashed at the end of the turn?


Psych Mike

If the Runner accesses the same card twice (e.g. running R&D and a Shiro fires), do they gain 1 or 2?

The Runner gains 2. Psych Mike counts the number of times the Runner accesses a card from R&D, not specific cards accessed from R&D.

Does the Runner gain credits from Psych Mike for accessing upgrades installed in the root of R&D?

No. Upgrades are accessed from the root of a central server, not from the central server itself.


If the Runner uses Algernon to gain , but then uses Dr. Lovegood to blank Algernon, is it still trashed at the end of the turn if the Runner doesn't make a successful run?

Yes. Once triggered, Algernon's ability exists independently of the source card, so the second part of its ability will still trigger when the turn ends.

DJ Fenris

What happens if DJ Fenris is flipped facedown by Apocalypse?

The identity remains hosted on DJ Fenris but has no effect on the game as it is not active. If DJ Fenris is turned back faceup, it will have the text of the hosted identity again.

What happens if DJ Fenris is blanked by Dr. Lovegood?

The identity remains hosted on DJ Fenris but has no effect on the game state as it is not active. At the end of the turn, DJ Fenris becomes unblanked and has the text of the hosted identity.

What happens if DJ fenris is uninstalled while facedown or blanked?

If an identity would ever be placed anywhere other than into the play area, it is immediately removed from the game.

If DJ Fenris is uninstalled and then later installed again, can the Runner host the same identity as before on DJ Fenris?


How does DJ Fenris work with Ele "Smoke" Scovak?

At the start of the next turn after the Runner installs DJ Fenris (at step 1.3) the Runner places a credit on DJ Fenris, which can be used to pay for using icebreakers. DJ Fenris does not have a recurring credit until after his ability resolves, so no credit is placed on him when he is installed. Also note that DJ Fenris does not gain Smoke’s Stealth subtype.

If the first card the Runner installs in a turn is DJ Fenris, and the identity they choose is Hayley Kaplan, can the Runner then install another resource using the newly gained ability from Hayley?

No. DJ Fenris did not have the the ability from Hayley until after the ability's trigger condition would have been met.

If the Runner is playing as Nasir Meidan and hosts Reina Roja on DJ Fenris, do they gain an additional credit when Nasir’s ability resolves?

No. Reina only increases the rez cost of a piece of ice at the time the Corp rezzes it.


What happens if the Runner steals an agenda in the middle of accessing cards from R&D and the Corp uses Sportsmetal to draw cards?

The Runner continues accessing from the topmost card of R&D that the Runner has not already accessed. If Sportsmetal drew past the point the Runner already accessed, the new top of R&D is the next card accessed. If Sportsmetal drew 2 cards the Runner has already accessed and there are other cards the Runner has already accessed, the Runner simply continues accessing from the point in R&D at which they are already accessing.

Hyperloop Extension

Can Hyperloop Extension's ability be resolved by cards like Bifrost Array and 24/7 News Cycle?



If the Runner takes Meridian as a -1 point agenda, does the Corp still gain 4?


If Meridian is hosting a Sub Boost when the Runner chooses to add Meridian to their score area, does the run still end?

No. Once Meridian is uninstalled, all hosted cards and counters are trashed, the encounter ends, and the Runner passes the position Meridian had occupied.

What happens if the Corp uses Wormhole to resolve Meridian's subroutine?

The subroutine resolves as normal. The Runner can add Meridian to their score area; if they don't the run ends and the Corp gains 4.

What happens if the Corp uses Loki to copy Meridian's subroutine?

Loki gains the text of the subroutine exactly as it appears on Meridian. The self-reference to Meridian is thus broken. Since the Runner cannot add either Meridian or Loki to their score area, the subroutine is forced to end the run and gain the Corp 4.

Divert Power

Can the Corp play Divert Power but choose not to derez or rez any cards?

Yes. To play Divert Power, it must have the potential to change the game state (via at least one rezzed card that can be derezzed and/or at least one unrezzed card that can be rezzed), but when the operation actually resolves, the Corp does not have to do anything since all of Divert Power's effects are adjustable.

Fast Break

When the Corp plays Fast Break, do they draw cards until either they have drawn X cards or they wish to stop? What about for the installs?

The Corp must decide how many cards they will draw (any number from 0 to X), then draw that many cards. They cannot see the cards as they draw them, then use this information to decide when to stop drawing. The same is true for the installs; first the Corp decides how many cards they will install, then they install that many cards one at a time.

Giordano Memorial Field

If Giordano Memorial Field ends the run, is the run considered successful or unsuccessful?

After a run has been declared successful, it cannot be made unsuccessful.

Saraswati Mnemonics

After installing a card with Saraswati Mnemonics, when is the earliest that the Corp can rez or score that card?

The restriction from Saraswati expires at step 1.4 of the Corp's turn. The Corp's first opportunity to rez or score the card after that point is step 2.1 before taking actions.


Is the Corp allowed to place 0 advancement tokens on a card and still force the Runner to either access that card or pay 3?



If the Runner uses Inversificator to swap Thimblerig after passing it, can the Corp still swap Thimblerig with another piece of ice?

No. After the Thimblerig is swapped to a new position, the Runner is no longer passing it, so its trigger condition will no longer be met when the ability would resolve.

If the Runner uses Inversificator to swap Thimblerig in for another piece of ice, can the Corp then swap Thimblerig away with another piece of ice?

No. Thimblerig was not the ice installed in the position the Runner is passing at the time that the pass occurred.

If the Runner passes Thimblerig, then Corp swaps it with a Kakugo, does the Runner suffer 1 net damage?

No. Kakugo was not the ice in the position being passed at the time that its trigger condition would have been met.

If the Runner passes a Thimblerig protecting a Code Replicator, what happens if the Corp uses Code Replicator first? What about if they use Thimblerig first?

Using either ability invalidates the other ability’s trigger condition, thus causing the second ability to fail to resolve. If the Corp uses Code Replicator to force the Runner to approach Thimblerig, then the Runner is no longer passing Thimblerig. If the Corp uses Thimblerig to swap it with another ice, then the Thimblerig is no longer the ice being passed.


Can the Corp choose an installed piece of ice for Hangeki?


So if the Corp chooses an installed Archangel for Hangeki, the Runner could encounter it if they do not take the -1 agenda point?


If the Runner accesses an installed piece of ice with Hangeki, can they trash it with Imp, reveal it with Aeneas Informant, etc.?

Yes. Accessing an installed ice behaves just like accessing any other installed card.


Can the Corp use a Daruma that is installed in the root of a central server?

No. Daruma swaps out a card installed in the same server from which it was trashed. There are no cards installed in central servers, only the inactive cards in the Corp’s hand/deck/discard and the cards installed in the root.

What about using Daruma in a remote server to swap something into the root of a central server?

No for the same reason as above. The card being swapped into Daruma’s server must also be “installed in” a server.

If the Corp uses Daruma to swap a card hosting tokens or other cards with a card in HQ, what happens to the hosted items?

As their host has become uninstalled, they are all immediately and unpreventably trashed.

If the Corp uses Daruma to swap a card hosting tokens or other cars with another installed card, what happens to the hosted items?

The host relationship remains intact as the host has not been uninstalled; it has simply moved to a new position in play.

Can the Corp swap an upgrade out for an asset or agenda in HQ or another server if there is already an asset or agenda in the Daruma server? What about swapping in a second region?

No. The Corp must still follow any applicable restrictions from card abilities and game rules.

Acme Consulting

Can the additional tag from Acme Consulting be removed?

No. The Runner is considered to have an additional tag during encounters with outermost ice, even when they have none, but it does not exist for the purposes of being manipulated (such as removing it).

Peeping Tom

How long does Peeping Tom gain subroutines from its ability?

Designer's Note: Technically, as Peeping Tom is written the ice gains the subroutines until the end of the game, but treat it as if the card reads "... has the named type for the remainder of this run." Errata for this card will be issued in the next official FAQ.


Can the Runner prevent the Eavesdrop trace with Hunting Grounds?

No. Hunting Grounds prevents "when encountered" abilities on ice, and the trace ability from Eavesdrop is on a condition counter.

The Outfit

If The Outfit is playing against Valencia Estevez, does the Corp start the game with 1 bad publicity and 8?

No. The Corp does not "take" a bad publicity from Valencia, they simply start the game with the bad publicity.


Can the Corp rez and move more than one Formicary per run?

Yes. Although forcing the Runner into a Formicary negates the trigger for any additional Formicaries, the next thing the Runner does after passing the first Formicary is approach the server a second time. At that point the Corp could use a second Formicary, and even a third afterward in similar fashion.

How does Formicary interact with Mti Mwekundu?

Similarly to the above, once either ability from Formicary or Mti Mwekundu resolves, the Runner is no longer approaching the server and the other ability cannot be triggered. But if the Runner passes the piece of ice encountered this way, they will approach the server again and these abilities can meet their trigger condition again.

Building Blocks

If the first time the Corp installs a card in a turn is with Building Blocks, does 419 trigger?

Yes, but the barrier is both installed and rezzed simultaneously, thus rendering the ice ineligible to be exposed. Because the barrier cannot be exposed, the Corp can decline to pay 1 and 419's ability will simply do nothing.

Lady Liberty

How does Lady Liberty Work? Can the Corp use Lady Liberty to turn an agenda into a different number of agenda points?

The phrase "worth agenda points equal to the exact number of hosted power counters" is a qualifier to "an agenda". The Corp can only use Lady Liberty on an agenda in HQ that is already worth as many agenda points as there are power counters hosted on Lady Liberty. The ability cannot change the number of points on an agenda because it is not a conversion effect using the word "as".