Remote control is a Runner strategy of having a set of breakers installed and sufficient credits to guarantee they can gain access to whatever Remote Server the Corporation manages to build to score Agendas in.


It is important to this strategy that the runner has enough credits to run the remote several times, or to be able to regain enough credits to run the remote server again within a turn.

Also, it is important the runner build their rig quickly and threaten access to remotes early enough to ensure the Corp does not score too many Agenda Points while the runner is setting up.

Since a successful Remote Control strategy will typically cause Agendas to pile up in HQ as the Corp draws them and cannot score them, they often include HQ multi-access cards like Legwork, in order to effectively steal these agendas late in the game.


Fast Advance decks naturally counter a remote control deck since they never need a secure server to score in.

Ambush Shell Game decks that include potentially deadly Ambushes are not relying on a secure server to score either, so they can play as normal against remote control runners.

Decks that play a taxing Shell Game are very weak against remote control runners as they will be able to run the medium-strength remote servers indefinitely.

Glacier decks can struggle against a remote control runner as they are competing over the same thing - cost to run remote servers. Glacier decks can fight this strategy by doubling-down on remote server defenses and eventually building a server the runner just cannot control anymore.

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