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Reversed Accounts can be advanced.

Click,Trash: The Runner loses 4Credit for each advancement token on Reversed Accounts.
Making a name for yourself has its perks. But it also makes you a target.

Related Ruling[]

  • If the corporation activates reversed accounts and the runner has fewer credits than Reversed Accounts would cause the runner lose, the Runner loses all of his/her credits, regardless of if their credit pool is divisible by 4.[1]:Ruling


  1. Reversed Accounts "If Able" ruling
    Corp activates Reversed Accts w/ 2 counters. Runner has 7 credits. Does he lose all 7 or only 4, as he is unable to lose 4 more?
    Quite right. "@jakodrako: @Terrificy @RukasuFox it doesn't have the "if able" stipulation, so the runner loses all credits"