Because Reversed Accounts does not have the text "if able", if the runner has fewer credits than Reversed Accounts would cause the runner to lose, the Runner loses all their credits.


For example, if the runner has 7Credit, and the corporation activates a Reversed Accounts with 2 advancement tokens on it, the runner would lose all 7Credit instead of only losing 4Credit. Since the card does not have the text "if able", the runner loses credits up to the amount indicated.

This is different from a card like Tollbooth, which does have the text "if able." If a runner encounters Tollbooth with fewer than 3Credit, s/he does not lose any credits because the card has the "if able" text.


Corp activates Reversed Accts w/ 2 counters. Runner has 7 credits. Does he lose all 7 or only 4, as he is unable to lose 4 more?


Tybb-sly Quite right. "@jakodrako: @Terrificy @RukasuFox it doesn't have the "if able" stipulation, so the runner loses all credits"


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