Sometimes the rules of Android: Netrunner are not sufficient in determining how new cards interact with each other. When a new card introduces a situation that cannot be resolved or has multiple interpretations within the rules, a rules question may need to be submitted. Any player can ask any question about the rules of Netrunner by going to Fantasy Flight's website and filling out the rules question form.

Whenever a rules question is submitted, Lukas Litzsinger's answer is called a ruling. Rulings are considered Semi-Official canon; they are not officially part of the rules of play, but they can help players learn more about Android: Netrunner and guide tournament organizers to make informed rules judgments in competitive events.

There are several examples of rulings that have been overturned by other rulings or FAQ updates.

Finding RulingsEdit

The best way to find a ruling is to search for cards related to your question. For many cards with rules questions or confusing wordings, those questions have already been asked. All the rulings on ANCUR have been linked on the card pages that the questions originally asked about.

If you just want to browse all the current rulings that have been logged on ANCUR, you can visit the ruling category page. In addition, the Twitter rulings page has several rulings listed on it for quick access.

Contributing to ANCUREdit

If you are looking to add a new ruling to the database, please read the quick guide for help, and check the ruling category to see if your ruling has already been submitted.

Submit a new ruling:

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