Make a run. When the run ends, trash 1 piece of ice that was rezzed during this run.
"While there have been other anti-corporation movements before, like the Maroon Wave, this new one is different. It's organized."
-Ramesh Gupta, One World Economy

Related RulingsEdit

  • The ice trashing ability triggers as soon as the run ends[1]:Ruling
  • If the Corp rezzes a piece of ice during the run, but that ice is derezzed before the run ends, Run Amok can still trash it[2]:Ruling


  • January 28, 2016: Officially released[3]
  • November 6, 2015: Fully spoiled in the Hardwired draft set at Worlds[4]


The german version of Run Amok is mistranslated: instead of "during this run", it says "during this turn".


  1. Kala Ghoda UFAQ, Question 4
    When does Run Amok trigger?
    Run Amok triggers as soon as the run ends, similar to Dirty Laundry or Doppelganger.
  2. Kala Ghoda UFAQ, Question 5
    Can the Runner use Run Amok to trash a piece of ice the Corp rezzes during the run but then uses Test Ground to derez before the run ends?
    Yes. Run Amok only cares that the ice was rezzed during the run, not whether or not the ice is still rezzed at the end of the run.
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