If the Runner uses Copycat to move to a server other than HQ during a run initiated by Feint, the bypass effect of Feint is no longer applicable.


In the past, there have been rulings that any event that starts a run on a particular server and then does something upon success does not resolve if the server that was run is changed. However, what about in the case of Feint, where there is an effect during the run as well (bypassing ice)? If I play Feint, bypass one ice (let's say Ice Wall for tradition's sake), and then use Copycat to jump to another server with a rezzed Ice Wall, do I still get to bypass a second ice on that server, or is the remaining effect of Feint null and void at this point?

To add even more confusion, what happens if I end up back on HQ by some means (like a Bullfrog)? Would I pick up where I left off with Feint (assuming the effect stops after the first jump)?


Tybb-sly If you jump to a new server with Feint, then the ability no longer applies and you do not bypass another piece of ice. Of course, you would be able to access cards if the run is successful. If you jump back to HQ then you could bypass a second piece of ice IF you did not encounter another piece of ice. (Feint just cares about the first two pieces of ice encountered, and the game remembers if you encountered another one). That said, I do not think it is possible, so realistically you lose the second bypass.


This ruling, combined with the "if successful" rule, seems to imply that all effects in a run event that specifies a server are dependent on that run remaining on said server.

However, this ruling combined with the "Demolition Run FAQ Reversal Ruling", seems to imply that this is the case only if the run event contains a conditional clause.


Posted to Board Game Geek by Tim Meng on June 12, 2014

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