This ruling was made official in the FAQ. See the list of cards with clarifications.

As a general rule, whenever the Runner trashes a Corporation card, it goes into Archives faceup.


Does Keyhole trash cards faceup or facedown?

The rules on page 18 state:

Trashing Cards If the Runner accesses a card with a trash cost, he may pay credits equal to its trash cost in order to trash it to Archives faceup.

However, the bone of contention is that the runner isn't accessing cards. So what do we do? Rezzed cards that are trashed go into archives faceup and urezzed cards go facedown. Noise's ability sends cards to archives facedown... is it because they are unrezzed? And thus Keyhole would send the card in facedown for the same reason? Or does the fact that you are looking at the card you trash with Keyhole count as "functionally" rezzed in some manner?

I think the card should go faceup since the runner is trashing a card he is currently looking at... despite the lack of access... but what say you? Any relevant rulings that I am unaware of that would shed light on this?


Tybb-sly The general rule is that if the Runner does the trashing, the cards are trashed faceup. So they should go to the Archives faceup.


Posted to Board Game Geek by Jason Hammer on February 13, 2014

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