Expose up to 2 cards.
T-minus 13 seconds. Leela had to work fast. She jacked in the mesa wire and activated the screen. 7 seconds. The internal SLD was still booting. 4 seconds. The interface flickered to life with an orange glow. 2 seconds. With a tap of a finger she was in.

Related FAQsEdit

  • FAQ 1.4.29 - If the Runner has Blackguard installed, s/he chooses the order that the Corporation must rez the two cards exposed with Satellite Uplink.

Related RulingsEdit

  • Confirmed by the above FAQ: the Runner chooses the order of the forced Blackguard rezzes.[1]:Ruling


  1. Blackguard + Satellite Uplink Rulings
    As a runner, lets say I have blackguard installed. Corp has 6 credits. I use satellite uplink for my first click and target an asset and and ice in front of it. Lets say this is a viktor 2.0 (5 to rez) and a San San (6 to rez). He must rez if able, but who chooses which one and in which order?
    Both of the cards are exposed at the same time, and the Runner chooses each card before resolving the effect. The Runner can then pick the order that the Blackguard triggers resolve in, since they are simultaneous.
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