This page is about the act of scoring an advanced agenda. For Score's use as a noun, see Scored Points.
Page 31, Column 2, Paragraph(s) 13, Core Rule Book
Score (verb): The act of the Corporation turning an installed agenda faceup and adding it to his score area. An agenda must have at least as many advancement tokens on it as its advancement requirement to be scored.

Once an agenda has been fully advanced with a number of advancement tokens on it equal to or greater than its advancement requirement, the Corporation may score it during any paid ability window during his/her turn. The Corporation is not required to score a fully advanced agenda immediately. Scoring an agenda moves it to the Corporation's score area, where it is active and adds to his/her number of scored points.

Page 14, Column 1, Paragraph(s) 4-5, Core Rule Book
When the number of advancement tokens on an agenda is equal to or higher than its advancement requirement, the agenda is fully advanced and the Corporation can score it. The only times the Corporation can score an agenda is right before his turn begins, or after he completes an action.

To score an agenda, the Corporation turns it faceup and places it in his score area, resolving any conditional abilities on the agenda that use the language "When you score." The Corporation cannot score an agenda until it is fully advanced. Scoring an agenda does not cost a click and it not an action.

Page 14, Column 1, Paragraph(s) 7, Core Rule Book
Delayed Scoring— An agenda sometimes has an ability that rewards advancement beyond the agenda's advancement requirement, or an ability that encourages the Corporation to delay scoring the agenda. The Corporation is not required to score an agenda immediately upon satisfying its advancement requirement. He may instead advance it more, or wait for a more opportune time to score it.

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