Android Netrunner Comprehensive Unofficial Rules Wiki

A Scoring Window is a period (usually a Runner turn or two) during which the Corp can safely advance agendas in a Remote Server without the runner being able to steal it.


There are several ways the Corp player can open a scoring window:

  • early game they may have a Remote Server protected by ice with an End the run subroutine that the runner lacks a way to break or bypass.
  • mid or late game the Corp may find a way to trash an Icebreaker - via ice like Archer or Ambushes like Aggressive Secretary - to make a remote server with End the run subroutines in front of it once more inaccessible to the runner.
  • a Glacier deck may have a remote server with multiple ice defending it that the runner simply lacks the credits to break into for a couple of turns.
    • This can be improved by putting an upgrade like Ash 2X3ZB9CY in the remote server to require the runner to run the server twice before they can steal an agenda
    • Also, the Corp player can install an Asset - especially an advancable Asset like Thomas Haas - bluffing it is an Agenda to induce the runner to run the server. After the fruitless run the runner may now be too poor to break into the server for several following turns.
  • Jinteki net damage decks can use a technique called Click Compression to create a situation where following recent net damage, the runner cannot run a remote server on their next turn without significant risk of flatline if the contents of the server is something like Fetal AI, perhaps also with a Hokusai Grid.


Runners playing a Remote Control strategy can, in full view of the Corp, prevent scoring windows by installing breakers capable of breaking all ice types, stockpiling large amounts of credits, and maybe even having access to expose effects.

Another very common and successful style of combating scoring windows is for the runner to hold back cards in their grip to deliberately create the impression of an open scoring window, when in fact they can access the remote server. A benefit of this technique is it can induce a Corp player to lay out an Agenda, ripe for stealing.

One ways to do this is by holding back from installing Icebreakers that the runner has drawn until after the Corp installs a card in a remote. Also, there are many runner cards that can give sudden surprise advantages:

  • Tinkering can allow almost certain breaking of even an unrezzed piece of ice even with only one Icebreaker installed.
  • Stimhack can allow running of a remote server that seemed beyond the reach of a poorer runner
  • Diesel can allow rapidly drawing up cards to safely make a run on a server that may cause net damage
  • Inside Job can bypass an ice completely