If the Runner chooses HQ for Security Testing and then plays Account Siphon, the Security Testing takes priority.


FAQ 1.5.35 seems incorrect given new understanding of ability types. As ST triggers at 4.4 and Siphon isn't triggered, doesn't ST replace access with creds before Siphon would ever come into play?


Tybb-sly Yeah that's the way it works now.


Security Testing has a conditional ability that triggers at Step 4.4 of the run. Account Siphon has a constant ability that resolves at Step 4.5 if the run is successful.

This means that Security Testing triggers before Account Siphon ever has a chance to resolve. Security Testing's conditional ability is required, so it replaces the HQ access with gaining 2Credit. By the time the run reaches the access step, Account Siphon can no longer resolve because only one replacement effect can be used per replaced effect.

See the Abilities Explanation Ruling for a more in-depth explanation of the latest understanding on how abilities work.


This ruling is a reversal of the FAQ entry on Security Testing.


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