Install only in a remote server.

Trash: Trash all cards installed in or protecting this server and TraceX— If successful, do 3 net damage. X is the number of cards trashed. Use this ability only during a run on this server.

Related RulingsEdit

  • Self-destruct's ability causes the server to cease to exist, which immediately ends the run. Thus, effects that last during the run like RSVP stop being active,[1]:Ruling and end-of-run abilities like Stimhack trigger immediately before the trace.[2]:Ruling
  • Only one Self-destruct can be used per run per server.[3]:Ruling


  1. Self-destruct Ends the Run Ruling, Question 1
    If a runner has passed and not broken RSVP during a run. If Self Destruct is rezzed and used can the runner spend credits?
    The Runner can spend credits since the run has ended under current FAQ; the server no longer exists.
  2. Self-destruct Ends the Run Ruling, Question 2
    Take next step, if Self-Destruct ends run, does Stimhack brain damage happen before the trace? After? Where? Timing would matter in case with use Stimhack, 1 card in grip, Ekomind and Deus X in play.
    The Stimhack would resolve first which would mean you couldn't use the Deus X.
  3. One Self-destruct Per Server Ruling
    If I have two (or more) Self-destructs in the same server, can I blow them up in a way that the runner takes more than 3 damage?
    [No once triggered a paid ability must fully resolve. 1st SD would trash other while resolving]
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