Whenever a server ceases to exist during a run, that run immediately ends. By the nature of the run being over, the resolution of Self-destruct's ability can cascade into other effects, such as the end of run effect from Stimhack. In addition, "until end of run" effects can end, such as the effect from RSVP's subroutine.

Daniel Jones's QuestionEdit

If a runner has passed and not broken RSVP during a run. If Self Destruct is rezzed and used can the runner spend credits?


Tybb-sly The Runner can spend credits since the run has ended under current FAQ; the server no longer exists.

Laury Plant's QuestionEdit

Take next step, if Self-Destruct ends run, does Stimhack brain damage happen before the trace? After? Where? Timing would matter in case with use Stimhack, 1 card in grip, Ekomind and Deus X in play.


Tybb-sly The Stimhack would resolve first which would mean you couldn't use the Deus X.


If the server was protected by an Architect, the server would not cease to exist. RSVP would still keep the Runner from spending credits, and credits from Stimhack could still be spent on the trace.


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