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Whenever the Runner suffers at least 1 brain damage, do 1 net damage.
"Why limit our best assets to our own servers? The enemy doesn't stay passively at home, waiting for us to come to him. Why should we?"
-Director Haas

Related Rulings[]

  • Sentinel Defense Program is one of the cards in the proposed scenario that originally brought about the understanding of cascading triggers.[1]:Ruling
  • Edge of World deals damage as a single source, so Sentinel Defense Program only triggers one time to do one net damage.[2]:Ruling


  1. Cascading Triggers Rulings, Question 2
    Corp has a Sentinel Defense Program scored. Runner has Spinal Modem installed. He runs on a server, which has ChiLo City Grid installed and rezzed. He encounters an ICE with trace (say, Caduceus). The trace is successful. What's the exact order of things triggering?

    Two interpretations:


    • (simultaneous) Spinal Modem (brain damage) from trace
    • (simultaneous) ChiLo City Grid (tag)
    • Sentinel Defense Program tiggering from brain damage from Spinal Modem (net damage)


    • Spinal Modem (brain damage) from trace
    • Sentinel Defense Program tiggering from brain damage from Spinal Modem (net damage)
    • ChiLo City Grid (tag)
      Scenario #2 is correct.
  2. Edge of World + Sentinel Defense Program Ruling
    If I have a remote server with Edge of World protected by three ice and a Sentinal Defense Program scored, how much total damage would the runner take if they accessed EoW? Would it be 3 brain damage + 1 net damage or is each brain damage separate since its per ice so it would be 3 brain + 3 net?
    The brain damage is part of the same effect, and the Sentinel Defense Program says “at least 1” so it only triggers once per source of damage. The Runner would take 3 brain damage and 1 net damage.