Page 5, Column 1, Paragraph(s) 1-7, Core Rule Book
To prepare a game of Android: Netrunner, carefully follow the steps below.
  1. Choose Sides: The players decide who will play as the Runner and who will play as the Corporation. Then, each player places his identity card face up in his play area and takes a corresponding deck.
  2. Create Token Bank: Gather the credits, advancement, brain damage, tag, bad publicity, and generic tokens into piles. Keep these piles within reach of both players.
  3. Collect Starting Credits: Each player takes five credits from the bank.
  4. Shuffle Decks: Each player shuffles his deck. After shuffling, each player offers his deck to his opponent for further shuffling.
  5. Draw Starting Hands: Each player draws five cards from the top of his deck to form his starting hand. After drawing starting hands, the Corporation may choose to take a mulligan by shuffling his hand back into his deck and then drawing a new starting hand. After the Corporation decides whether to mulligan, the Runner decides whether to mulligan as well. If a player takes a mulligan, he must keep his second hand as his starting hand. When the players are satisfied with their starting hands, each player places his deck facedown in his play area.
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