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When the Runner accesses Shi.Kyū, you may pay XCredit. The Runner must take either X net damage or add Shi.Kyū to his or her score area as an agenda worth -1 agenda point.Ignore this ability if the Runner accesses Shi.Kyū from R&D.

Related Rulings[]

  • The Corporation can choose not to activate Shi.Kyū, thus keeping the Runner from ever getting the opportunity to take Shi.Kyū as an agenda.[1]:Ruling


  1. Choose not to Trigger Shi.Kyū Ruling
    If the Shi-Kyu is in archives, and the corporation declines to spend any credits, can the runner still take the card as a -1 agenda if he wants to (data dealer?) - or does declining the "may" cancel the rest of the card effects?
    The Corp can choose to not resolve the Shi.Kyu, so the Runner cannot take it as an agenda.