Taking the tag for Snatch and Grab is a cost to preventing the connection from being trashed. If the Runner avoids that tag, then the connection is still trashed.

Jake's QuestionEdit

Snatch & Grab - does Runner take a trash to prevent trace or to prevent result of trace? Can the Runner prevent the tag w/ NACH?


Tybb-sly If you prevent the tag then the first part is not prevented and you lose the connection.

Jacob's QuestionEdit

is the key difference "X to Y" vs. "Y unless X"? "To" implies cost?


Tybb-sly To does imply cost. I try not to use it very often because it isn't transparent.


Effects written as "do X to Y" should be read as "do cost to effect." This means that if the first part of the effect is prevented, then by the nature of the cost being prevented the effect is also prevented.


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