Click: Make a run on Archives. If successful, instead treat it as a successful run on HQ.
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Sneakdoor Beta is a Criminal utility program that provides the Runner with an action for making special runs.

Triggered Ability - Paid - Click
Cost  : Effect
Click Runner initiates a run on Archives that, if successful, is replaced with a successful run on HQ


Page 5, Column 2, Paragraph(s) 5, FAQ
If Sneakdoor Beta is trashed during a run it initiated, the run is still treated as a run on HQ if it is successful.

Related FAQsEdit

  • FAQ 1.0.13 - Sneakdoor Beta's ability is an action and therefore cannot be combined with any other run effects that require an action

Related RulingsEdit

  • Tori Hanzō and Hokusai Grid have to be installed in HQ to affect a run initiated by Sneakdoor Beta.[1]:Ruling
  • A Runner using Sneakdoor Beta while Security Testing targets HQ will get 2 credits instead of access.[2]:Ruling


  1. Sneakdoor Beta v. Hokusai Grid, Tori Hanzō Ruling
    I am wondering about how Tori Hanzō works with Sneakdoor Beta and Hokusai Grid.

    If i am not mistaken, when the runner uses Sneakdoor Beta, an Hokusai Grid on Archives would not trigger but an Hokusai Grid on HQ would, since the replacement effect of Sneakdoor Beta must trigger first.

    Now, let's say I have Hokusai Grid on HQ. The runner uses Sneakdoor Beta and makes a successful run. Can I use a Tori Hanzō on HQ to change the Hokusai Grid damage to brain damage? What about a Tori Hanzō on Archives?

    Tori Hanzō would have to be protecting HQ, just like the Hokusai Grid, to be used.
  2. Sneakdoor Beta & Security Testing Ruling
    If the Runner uses Sneakdoor Beta with Security Testing targeting HQ, does the Runner get credits or an HQ access?
    The Runner must take 2 credits.
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