Play only as your first Click.

Choose an unrezzed piece of ice. If the Corp rezzes that piece of ice this turn, gain credits equal to its rez cost.

Related RulingsEdit

  • Social Engineering can only pay out once per turn.[1]:Ruling
  • Reina Roja's ability can increase the number of credits gained from Social Engineering.[2]:Ruling
  • The Runner is free to lose any number of clicks before playing Social Engineering, as long as it is played with the first click actually spent that turn.[3]:Ruling


  1. Social Engineering Triggering Multiple Times Ruling
    If the ice is rezzed multiple times in the turn that Social Engineering is played, does the runner gain credits equal to the rez cost every time the ice is rezzed, or only the first time?
    The card does not say “whenever,” but “if,” so it is a binary condition that can only be fulfilled once.
  2. Reina Roja + Social Engineering Ruling
    Does Reina's passive apply to the credits gained from social engineering?
    Yes, her ability applies.
  3. Priority Must Be Played With First Spent Click Ruling
    what's the deal with early bird + losing a click at start of turn? I assume "first click" refers to "first click spent", yes?
    That is correct.
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