This is the nineteenth in a series of unofficial FAQs released with each new data pack. Below are rulings from the ANCUR staff regarding some of the cards in Sovereign Sight, as approved by the lead designer Michael Boggs.

By Any MeansEdit

If the Runner plays By Any Means and then accesses an Archangel, can the Runner trash the Archangel before encountering it?

Yes. Whenever more than one ability meet their trigger conditions, first the active player's abilities resolve, then the inactive player's abilities resolve. If one of those abilities moves the card being accessed to a different zone, no further "when accessed" abilities can resolve.

If the Runner plays By Any Means and then accesses an advanced Project Junebug, can the Corp deal net damage?

No. Similarly to the above example, Corp abilities like Project Junebug resolve after Runner abilities during a run on the Runner's turn, so Project Junebug will be trashed before its ability resolves.

Can the Runner still steal accessed agenda after playing By Any Means?

No. During a turn in which By Any Means has been played, the Runner can only steal agendas from Archives.


What happens if the Runner uses Puffer's click ability while it is hosted on an Omni-drive?

Puffer is trashed as it no longer can be hosted on the Omni-drive.

Lewi GuilhermeEdit

At the start of the Runner's turn, can they choose to trash Lewi Guilherme and use Fall Guy to prevent Lewi from being trashed?



If the Runner encounters Troll with Cyberdelia installed, do they gain 1?

As long as the run reaches step 3.1, then the Runner is considered to have broken all 0 subroutines on Troll.


Can Apex: Invasive Predator use Assimilator to obtain non-virtual resources?


What happens if the Runner uses Assimilator to flip up a console while a console is already installed?

The console flipped up by Assimilator is immediately and unpreventably trashed.

If Assimilator flips up a program that causes the Runner's rig to exceed their memory limit, does the flipped program have to be trashed?

No. If the Runner ever has insufficient MU, they choose which program(s) to trash.

If Assimilator flips up a card with a "when installed" ability (e.g. Daily Casts or Femme Fatale), does that ability trigger?

No, the card is already installed.

If Assimilator flips up a Cyber-Cypher, does the server restriction still apply even though a server has not been chosen?

No. The server restriction is part of the "when installed" ability; thus, Cyber-Cypher can be used on any server.

If Assimilator flips up a Cyber-Cypher that was installed and then turned facedown with Apocalypse, does the server restriction still apply for the previously chosen server?

No. When Cyber-Cypher was turned facedown it became inactive, so its previous state no longer affects the game, even if later turned back up.

If Assimilator flips up a current event, is that event still trashed?

Yes. The ability on a current event stops the event from being trashed after resolution, it does not stop other card effects from trashing the event.

Asa Group: Security Through VigilanceEdit

If the Corp installs a piece of ice protecting R&D, can they use Asa Group to install an upgrade in the root of R&D?



Is Mganga trashed when the Corp and the Runner spend the same number of credits or a different number of credits?


Calibration TestingEdit

If the Corp moves Calibration Testing to HQ, can they use it to place advancement tokens on an agenda in HQ?

No. Only installed cards can host advancement tokens.

Wake Up CallEdit

Can the Corp use Wake Up Call to trash Jarogniew Mercs while other resources are installed?

Yes. The Runner is the player specified to trash the chosen card, so Jarogniew Mercs's second ability does not apply.

Can the Corp play Wake Up Call if the Runner does not have an installed hardware or non-virtual resource, and if so is the Runner forced to suffer the meat damage?

No. Choosing an installed hardware or non-virtual resource is a requirement for playing the card. The Corp cannot play Wake Up Call if such a card cannot be chosen.

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