If you have at least 2Link, the memory cost of Spike is 0, even if it is not installed.

Spike has +1 strength for each installed icebreaker.

Trash: Break up to 3 barrier subroutines.

Related RulingsEdit

  • Spike can break Wraparound without Wraparound getting +7 strength until after its subroutine is broken. [4]:Ruling


  • April 3, 2015: Officially released[5]


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    Another conclusion I have come to based on previous rulings is that abilities can create "floating" abilities. Is this true? If so, where do these abilities live and how are they governed? Some examples include:
    • Paid abilities with trashing as the cost still resolve even though the card is no longer active[1]
    • Sneakdoor Beta's ability still resolves even if it gets trashed during the course of the run on Archives[2]
    • Joshua B. still gives you a tag even if you sell him to Aesop's Pawnshop[3]
    • Any subroutine (required conditional abilities) that creates constant effects (such as Chum's +2 strength for the next ice)
      Once triggered, abilities exist independently of the source. So when you trash a card as a cost, the ability still resolves based on the game state that existed when the card was trashed.
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