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The Spin Cycle is the 2nd Cycle, released in 2013/2014 between the Creation and Control and Honor and Profit deluxe expansions.

The Spin Cycle explores the publicity aspect of the battle between Corps and Runners, which is reflected mechanically by a number of cards that give or cost the Corp Bad Publicity, or clear it. It also follows a specific story of the new Anarch Reina Roja's quest to reveal the unethical and dangerous experiments being done at the new Weyland Consortium division GRNDL's fracking platform, the GRNDL Refinery.

Bad Publicity is explored with deadly Illicit Ice for the Corp that costs Bad Publicity to rez, a power runner card that can only be played while the Corp has Bad Pub, and also Corp cards to clear Bad Pub, and Runner cards to give the Corp Bad Pub.

The Spin Cycle also introduced the Caissa chess-themed programs for Anarchs, and the Double subtype for Events and Operations.

List of Data PacksEdit

The following Data Packs are in the Spin Cycle:

List of cardsEdit

Set # Name Faction Type
1 Frame Job Anarch Event
2 Pawn Anarch Program
3 Rook Anarch Program
4 Hostage Criminal Event
5 Gorman Drip v1 Criminal Program
6 Lockpick Shaper Hardware
7 False Echo Shaper Program
8 Motivation Shaper Resource
9 John Masanori Neutral Resource
10 Project Ares Haas-Bioroid Agenda
11 NEXT Bronze Haas-Bioroid Ice
12 Celebrity Gift Jinteki Operation
13 Himitsu Bako Jinteki Ice
14 Character Assassination NBN Agenda
15 Jackson Howard NBN Asset
16 Invasion of Privacy NBN Operation
17 Geothermal Fracking Weyland Consortium Agenda
18 Swarm Weyland Consortium Ice
19 Cyberdex Trial Neutral Operation
20 Grim Neutral Ice
21 Bishop Anarch Program
22 Scheherazade Anarch Program
23 Hard at Work Anarch Resource
24 Recon Criminal Event
25 Copycat Criminal Program
26 Leviathan Criminal Program
27 Eureka! Shaper Event
28 Record Reconstructor Shaper Hardware
29 Prepaid VoicePAD Neutral Hardware
30 Wotan Haas-Bioroid Ice
31 Hellion Alpha Test Haas-Bioroid Operation
32 Clone Retirement Jinteki Agenda
33 Swordsman Jinteki Ice
34 Shipment from SanSan NBN Operation
35 Muckraker NBN Ice
36 The Cleaners Weyland Consortium Agenda
37 Elizabeth Mills Weyland Consortium Asset
38 Off the Grid Weyland Consortium Upgrade
39 Profiteering Neutral Agenda
40 Restructure Neutral Operation
41 Reina Roja, Freedom Fighter Anarch Identity
42 Deep Red Anarch Hardware
43 Knight Anarch Program
44 Running Interference Criminal Event
45 Expert Schedule Analyzer Criminal Program
46 Grifter Criminal Resource
47 Torch Shaper Program
48 Woman in the Red Dress Shaper Resource
49 Raymond Flint Neutral Hardware
50 Isabel McGuire Haas-Bioroid Asset
51 Hudson 1.0 Haas-Bioroid Ice
52 Accelerated Diagnostics Haas-Bioroid Operation
53 Unorthodox Predictions Jinteki Agenda
54 Sundew Jinteki Asset
55 City Surveillance NBN Asset
56 Snoop NBN Ice
57 Ireress Weyland Consortium Ice
58 Power Shutdown Weyland Consortium Operation
59 Paper Wall Neutral Ice
60 Interns Neutral Operation
61 Keyhole Anarch Program
62 Activist Support Anarch Resource
63 Lawyer Up Criminal Event
64 Leverage Criminal Event
65 Garrote Criminal Program
66 LLDS Processor Shaper Hardware
67 Sharpshooter Shaper Program
68 Capstone Shaper Hardware
69 Starlight Crusade Funding Neutral Resource
70 Rex Campaign Haas-Bioroid Asset
71 Fenris Haas-Bioroid Ice
72 Panic Button Haas-Bioroid Upgrade
73 Shock! Jinteki Asset
74 Tsurugi Jinteki Ice
75 TGTBT NBN Agenda
76 Sweeps Week NBN Operation
78 Curtain Wall Weyland Consortium Ice
79 Punitive Counterstrike Weyland Consortium Operation
80 Veterans Program Neutral Agenda
81 Quest Completed Anarch Event
82 Hemorrhage Anarch Program
83 Tallie Perrault Anarch Resource
84 Executive Wiretaps Criminal Event
85 Blackguard Criminal Hardware
86 CyberSolutions Mem Chip Shaper Hardware
87 Alpha Shaper Program
88 Omega Shaper Program
89 Blackmail Neutral Event
90 Blue Level Clearance Haas-Bioroid Operation
91 Strongbox Haas-Bioroid Upgrade
92 Toshiyuki Sakai Jinteki Asset
93 Yagura Jinteki Ice
94 Restoring Face Jinteki Operation
95 Market Research NBN Agenda
96 Wraparound NBN Ice
97 GRNDL, Power Unleashed Weyland Consortium Identity
98 Vulcan Coverup Weyland Consortium Agenda
99 GRNDL Refinery Weyland Consortium Asset
100 Subliminal Messaging Neutral Operation
101 Singularity Anarch Event
102 Queen's Gambit Anarch Event
103 Dyson Fractal Generator Anarch Hardware
104 Silencer Criminal Hardware
105 Savoir-faire Criminal Program
106 Fall Guy Criminal Resource
107 Power Nap Shaper Event
108 Paintbrush Shaper Program
109 Lucky Find Neutral Event
110 Gyri Labyrinth Haas-Bioroid Ice
111 Reclamation Order Haas-Bioroid Operation
112 Broadcast Square NBN Asset
113 Corporate Shuffle NBN Operation
114 Caprice Nisei Jinteki Upgrade
115 Shinobi Jinteki Ice
116 Marker Jinteki Ice
117 Hive Weyland Consortium Ice
118 Witness Tampering Weyland Consortium Operation
119 NAPD Contract Neutral Agenda
120 Quandary Neutral Ice
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