Android Netrunner Comprehensive Unofficial Rules Wiki

This is the fourteenth in a series of unofficial FAQs released with each new data pack. Below are rulings from the ANCUR staff regarding some of the cards in Station One, as approved by the lead designer Michael Boggs.

Severnius Stim Implant

1. When does the Runner trash cards to use Severnius Stim Implant?

Ancurprofile.png The cards are trashed as the run is initiated.

2. After using Severnius Stim Implant, does the Runner access additional cards from that server in later runs or card abilities?

Ancurprofile.png No. The number of cards trashed can only be referenced by the ability itself during the run initiated by that ability.

Counter Surveillance

3. If the Runner uses Counter Surveillance to run on R&D, but they have fewer credits than tags by the time the run is successful, what happens?

Ancurprofile.png The Runner cannot pay the full cost, so the Runner’s access step is replaced with accessing no cards.

4. If the Runner uses Eater during a run initiated by Counter Surveillance, what happens?

Ancurprofile.png The effect on Counter Surveillance is required, so the Runner pays the credits but then accesses no cards.

5. If the Runner uses Counter Surveillance to run on R&D, can they distribute the accesses as they choose among cards in R&D and upgrades installed in the root of R&D?

Ancurprofile.png No. Counter Surveillance only allows the Runner to access cards from the attacked server, and cards in the root of central servers are not in those central servers.

6. If the Runner uses Counter Surveillance to run on R&D with two tags and an R&D Interface installed, how many cards does the Runner access from R&D?

Ancurprofile.png The Runner pays 2 credits to access three cards from R&D.


7. When does the Runner gain credits from Mobius?

Ancurprofile.png The Runner gains 4Cr from Mobius as soon as the second run is considered to be successful.

System Seizure

8. Does the icebreaker affected by System Seizure hold its strength only during the run when System Seizure is triggered, or during every run that turn?

Ancurprofile.png The icebreaker only holds its strength until the end of the run System Seizure was triggered.

9. While System Seizure is active, how long does the strength boost of an icebreaker last if the Runner boosts its strength outside of a run?

Ancurprofile.png If boosted outside of a run, its strength resets to base immediately, just like Gordian Blade and other icebreakers that hold their strength until the end of the run.

10. While System Seizure is active, if the first time the Runner increases the strength of an icebreaker is from installing one while LLDS Processor is installed, how long does the +1 strength last?

Ancurprofile.png Any additional strength applied from installed LLDS Processors last until the end of the turn. If the Runner boosts the strength of that icebreaker during a run through other means, those strength boosts last until the end of the run.

Customized Secretary

11. When the Runner installs a program from Customized Secretary, does it remain hosted?

Ancurprofile.png No, the program moves off of Customized Secretary and is installed in the rig as usual.

Seidr Adaptive Barrier

12. Does Seidr Adaptive Barrier have +1 strength from itself?

Ancurprofile.png Yes.


13. Where does the Corp install the ice for Bloom’s second subroutine?

Ancurprofile.png The ice is installed in the position closer to the server than Bloom where the Runner would approach it after passing Bloom.

14. If the Corp uses Wormhole to resolve Bloom’s first subroutine, where can the Corp install the ice?

Ancurprofile.png “Another server” refers to a server that Bloom is not currently protecting.

15. If the Corp uses Wormhole to resolve Bloom’s second subroutine, where can the Corp install the ice?

Ancurprofile.png The ice is installed exactly as directed: in the next innermost position from Bloom protecting the same server as Bloom.

MCA Informant

16. Can the Corp install MCA Informant on a rezzed Corporate Troubleshooter? An unrezzed Corporate Troubleshooter?

Ancurprofile.png Yes and yes. If the Corp installs MCA Informant on an unrezzed Corporate Troubleshooter, they must reveal the Troubleshooter to the Runner to confirm that it has the connection subtype.

17. If the Corp installs MCA Informant on a Corporate Troubleshooter, does the Runner have access to the click ability to trash it?

Ancurprofile.png No. The ability is on the Corporate Troubleshooter, so it is only available to the Corp as an action. The Runner must trash the Corporate Troubleshooter while accessing it or through a card ability.

18. While MCA Informant is installed as a condition counter, can the tag be removed if the Runner has no tag tokens?

Ancurprofile.png No. The Runner is considered to have an additional tag, but it cannot be manipulated by card abilities.


19. If the Corp forfeits a Project Beale with an agenda counter on it when they play Sacrifice, how much bad publicity can they remove?

Ancurprofile.png The Corp removes three bad publicity as the Project Beale was worth three agenda points. If the Corp has less than three bad publicity, they remove all the bad publicity they have and gain that many credits.

20. Can the Corp play Sacrifice if they have no bad publicity?

Ancurprofile.png No. The effect of Sacrifice does not have the potential to change the game state, so it cannot be initiated.