Sundew must be rezzed when the Runner spends his/her first Click for Sundew's ability to trigger.


If I were to rez Sundew on the runner's turn after he has spent a click, do I get my credits on the next click if the runner does not run Sundew's server?

The question, ultimately, boils down to whether "the first time" is determined in a global sense or a specific sense. If a global sense, Sundew realizes that click one has already passed and thus doesn't produce credits. If a specific sense, Sundew sees only the first click since it has existed and produces the next click.


Tybb-sly The first time does refer to the first time that the Runner spends at least 1 click. The clause about running on Sundew is conditional on them spending that first click(s). If the Runner has already spent a click, rezzing Sundew has no effect.


Posted to Board Game Geek by Daine on February 13, 2014

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