Sundew triggers when the Runner plays Cyber Threat.


Suppose there is a rezzed Sundew in a remote server and the Runner plays Cyber Threat targeting that server.

Does the Corp decide whether or not to rez the ICE before Sundew triggers? Put another way, what does "just initiated" on Sundew mean timing wise?


Tybb-sly The credits are gained when the Runner spends the click to play the Cyber Threat, before the Cyber Threat is resolved.


Combined with the other Sundew rulings so far (as of September 2014), it appears that Sundew does not trigger when the Runner either 1) initiates a run on the Sundew server or 2) plays a run event that initiates a run on the Sundew server. All other actions do trigger Sundew, including playing non-run events that could initiate a run on the Sundew server but don't initiate that run immediately. It's unclear whether the run subtype is special or whether Sundew observes that the event does something before initiating the run.


Posted to BGG by DrTall on Sep 26 2014

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