TagMe is a Runner strategy that aims to play with aggressive Tempo by ignoring any tags they get from the Corp or from their own cards, and mitigating the impact those tags have on them.


Two defining features of TagMe decks is they run three copies of Plascrete Carapace to protect against Scorched Earth ASAP, and they do not rely on keeping any resources out across Corp turns, since they can be trashed any time while tagged.

Also, these decks typically seek to gain from ignoring tags, either by playing powerful runner cards that give tags like Account Siphon and Vamp, or by using cards that require the runner be tagged, like Data Leak Reversal.


One effective way to combat TagMe is to include other tag punishment cards to hurt the tagged runner with, like Closed Accounts or Bad Times.

Also, if the Corporation can effectively prevent the use of the self-tagging cards like Account Siphon and immediately trash cards like Data Leak Reversal, that is another effective way to nullify the advantages of the TagMe deck.

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