Taxing RP, also known as RP (Replicating Perfection) or White Tree is a deck that taxes the runner's clicks until it finds a window of opportunity to score agendas. It first gained traction when online personalities including SlySquid and Brendan Cavalier discussed it on audio and video casts but the deck was lacking the tools to be competitive at the time. The printing of the asset Sundew as well as the release of Honor and Profit made the deck effective. The deck is best known for being Dan D'Argenio's corp deck which he perfected and piloted to first place victory at the 2014 world championships.

Although Taxing RP is not a Glacier in the traditional sense since it does not build one large server, it is still considered an iceberg deck since it has many of the same components and taxes the runners clicks instead of the runner's credits.

It is characterized by:


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