Click: Swap 2 pieces of installed ice.
The Tenma clones became Jinteki's third highest-grossing ever due to the rapid urban expansion that occured after the war. Their unparalleled reaction times, safety records, and punctuality have made them the top choice for shipping and transportation services.

Related RulingsEdit

  • Swapping two pieces of ice with Tenma Line is not considered installing them.[1]:Ruling
  • Tenma Line can swap non-bioroid ice onto Awakening Center, but that ice would immediately get trashed because Awakening Center can't host it.[2]:Ruling


  1. Tenma Line Swap Ruling
    Do cards swapped by Tenma Line are considered "installed"? Can abilities of Tenma Line and Amazon Industrial Zone combine?
    The cards that are swapped are not considered to be installed and so it cannot combo with the Amazon Industrial Zone.
  2. Tenma Line + Awakening Center Ruling
    can tenma line swap non-biodroid ice with installed biodroid ice on awakening center?
    You can swap the ice, but since only bioroids can be hosted on Awakening Center the ice would fall off.
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