Android Netrunner Comprehensive Unofficial Rules Wiki

Each agenda in the Runner's score area is worth 1 fewer agenda point.

If The Board is trashed while being accessed, add it to the Runner's score area as an agenda worth 2 agenda points.
No one on the board knows everyone on it.

Related Rulings[]


  1. Multiple Executives Ruling
    What happens as the runner if I trash either Chairman Hiro or Director Haas when accessing them and I already have one copy of it in my Runner's Score Area (RSA)? Is it:

    A) I can only have one active unique card in my RSA and thus I trash my first scored Chairman Hiro or Director Haas and do not gain more than 2 AP.

    B) Cards in the RSA are not active and thus I can have two Chairman Hiros or Director Haas and I will have 4 AP in my RSA.

    C) When I access and trash Chairman Hiro or Director Haas the cards become agendas and are no longer unique assets with a name.

    D) Something I have not thought of.

    The answer is B, because the cards are not active while in the Runner’s score area.