This is the twenty-second in a series of unofficial FAQs released with each new data pack. Below are rulings from the ANCUR staff regarding some of the cards in The Devil and the Dragon, as approved by the lead designer Michael Boggs.

Glut CipherEdit

What happens when a run initiated by Glut Cipher is successful and there are fewer than 5 cards in Archives?

The Runner does not access any cards. The Corp does not add any cards from Archives to HQ nor trash any cards from HQ.

Which player trashes the random cards from HQ? Does this trashing trigger effects like Hostile Infrastructure?

The Corp is forced to trash the cards. Effects that care about the Runner trashing cards will not meet their trigger conditions from Glut Cipher's effect.

419: Amoral ScammerEdit

After the Corp installs a card for the first time in a turn, who decides first?

  • (A) Does the Runner decide to use the ability, forcing the Corp to pay 1Credit or expose the card, or
  • (B) Does the Corp decide whether or not to pay 1Credit, allowing the Runner to choose whether or not the card should be exposed?

A. The Runner chooses to use the ability, then the Corp chooses whether or not to pay the 1Credit.


Can the Runner use all three power counters from Nyashia on a single run?

No. The ability only triggers once per trigger condition.


If the Runner has both Consume and Hivemind installed, each with 2 virus counters hosted on them, what happens when the Runner uses Consume?

The Runner gains 8Credit and removes all four virus counters from both Consume and Hivemind.

If the Runner plays Apocalypse while Consume is installed, does Consume gain virus counters before being flipped facedown?

Yes. The virus counters then remain hosted on the facedown Consume until the Corp purges, the counters are removed by a card ability, or the facedown Consume becomes uninstalled.

Malia Z0L0K4Edit

What happens if Malia is derezzed and then rezzed again?

Once Malia is derezzed, its ability is no longer active. When it is rezzed again, only the resource chosen for the most recent trigger is blank.

If the Corp chooses a resource for Malia that is hosting cards or tokens, what happens to the hosted objects?

Nothing. Hosted objects are only removed via card abilities or if the host card becomes uninstalled.

The Corp plays an MCA Informant, hosting it on one of the Runner's connections. What happens if the Corp then rezzes Malia and blanks the host connection?

The Runner can still trash the connection by using the ability granted by the MCA Informant condition counter. Malia blanks the connection's text box, but it does not stop other cards or abilities from giving the connection new text.

Can the Corp rez Malia after the Runner installs a Liberated Account to stop them from taking credits off of it?

Yes. There is a paid ability window after each action taken by a player, so the Corp has a chance after Liberated Accounts is installed to rez Malia.

Can the Corp rez Malia after the Runner installs a Fall Guy to stop them from using the Fall Guy to gain 2Credit?

In the paid ability window after the Runner installs Fall Guy, the Runner is the first player to receive priority, so they will be able to immediately use Fall Guy if they choose. If they pass priority without using Fall Guy, then the Corp receives priority and can rez Malia.

The Corp is playing NBN: Controlling the Message and uses Malia to blank Power Tap. If the Runner then runs and trashes Malia, does the trace initiated by Controlling the Message trigger the Power Tap?

Yes. As soon as Malia's ability is no longer active, the chosen resource becomes unblanked, so its abilities are active even during the resolution of abilities that trigger from trashing Malia.

How does Malia interact with Councilman?

The abilities on these two cards have the same trigger condition, so the player whose turn it is when Malia is rezzed resolves their card first. This can result in the following interactions:

  • If it is the Runner's turn, and they use Councilman to derez Malia, then Malia is no longer active and its ability will not resolve.
  • If it is the Corp's turn, and they use Malia to blank the text box of Councilman, its ability is no longer active and will not resolve.
  • If it is the Corp's turn, and they use Malia to blank the text box of another Runner card, the Runner can then derez Malia with Councilman. Although the card chosen for Malia will end up unblanked, it still has its text blank for a brief moment of time between ability resolutions. For example, if the Runner has cloud programs installed, and Malia momentarily blanks a card providing link such as Maxwell James, then the Runner's installed programs could exceed their available MU. The Runner will have to trash programs immediately before Councilman is able to resolve, as the MU requirement does not wait for the timing steps of resolving Councilman's ability to complete.

Kill SwitchEdit

Is the Runner required to reveal agendas accessed from R&D while Kill Switch is active?


Designer's Note: This card will receive errata in a future FAQ. Treat Kill Switch as if it included the text, "If the Runner accesses an agenda from R&D, they must reveal it."


If the Runner has only 1 Click left when the trace from Tempus is successful, can they choose to lose Click Click instead of taking the brain damage? What if the Runner has no Click remaining?

The Runner must choose an option that can be fully resolved if there is an option that can be fully resolved. Suffering 1 brain damage is always possible, so if the Runner has fewer than 2 clicks remaining, they must choose to suffer the brain damage. Note that once the choice is made, prevent/avoid abilities can still be used to modify the results of that choice.


If the second subroutine on Sadaka resolves, does the Corp still have to trash Sadaka if they do not trash a card in HQ to trash a resource?

Yes. "Trash Sadaka" is independent of the other parts of the subroutine.

Amani SenaiEdit

If the Corp scores Medical Breakthrough, what is the base trace strength for Amani Senai?

Medical Breakthrough’s ability is active before Amani Senai’s ability resolves, so if it’s the first copy of Medical Breakthrough to be scored or stolen, the base trace strength will be 3. Each additional copy in a player’s score area would lower the base trace strength by another 1.


When the Runner encounters Oduduwa, is the value of X determined before or after placing 1 advancement token on it?


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