This is the fifth in a series of unofficial FAQs released with each new data pack. Below are rulings from Damon Stone, the head designer, regarding some of the cards in The Liberated Mind.

The Noble PathEdit

Can the Runner play The Noble Path if it is the only card in their grip?

Ilogos Yes. There is no stipulation on the card that requires at least one card to be trashed.

Does The Noble Path prevent the damage dealt by Dedicated Response Team?

Ilogos No. Dedicated Response Team triggers when the run ends, so ability on The Noble Path has already ended by the time the damage is dealt.

Does The Noble Path prevent the damage dealt by Checkpoint?

Ilogos Yes. Checkpoint triggers when the run is declared successful at step 4.4, which is still part of the run.

Does The Noble Path prevent damage from both Runner and Corp card abilities?

Ilogos Yes, even damage suffered from Runner abilities like Spinal Modem is prevented.

Emptied MindEdit

If the Runner starts their turn with Out of the Ashes in their heap and Emptied Mind installed, does the Runner still gain Click if during the run from Out of the Ashes they discard all the cards in grip to using Faust?

Ilogos Yes, Emptied Mind checks the number of cards in grip when its ability resolves. If other simultaneous effects are triggered before Emptied Mind, then the check will wait until those effects are fully resolved.

Information SiftingEdit

When Information Sifting resolves, can the Corp choose for one of the piles to contain 0 cards?

Ilogos The Corp cannot make a facedown pile of 0 cards. At least 1 card must be in each pile in order for it to be a pile and for it to be facedown.

If HQ does not contain enough cards to make 2 piles when an Information Sifting run is successful, what happens?

Ilogos No cards are accessed. The access step has been mandatorily replaced by Information Sifting’s ability, and that ability cannot successfully resolve.

In what order are the cards in a pile created by Information Sifting accessed?

Ilogos The Runner chooses the order in which the hidden cards are accessed, just like with remote servers. In practice, this means the Runner can either accept the Corp’s ordering or shuffle the chosen pile.

If Leela Patel plays Information Sifting and accesses an agenda in the chosen pile, does she access the card returned to HQ?

Ilogos No, the Runner’s regular access step has been replaced with the ability of Information Sifting. The card added to HQ is not in the chosen pile, and as Leela must access all cards in the chosen pile, she does not have any accesses left over to access the card that was returned to HQ.

If Leela Patel has an HQ Interface installed and plays Information Sifting, does she access the card returned to HQ after accessing an agenda in the chosen pile?

Ilogos No. When the Runner begins accessing cards from HQ or R&D, the total number of cards to be accessed is capped, regardless of modifiers or changes to the makeup of the central server. For example, if the Runner begins to access a pile of 2 cards from Information Sifting, she will only access 2 cards regardless of modifiers like HQ interface. Additionally, Information Sifting confines those 2 accesses to cards in the chosen pile.

The Runner accesses Disposable HQ while accessing cards in a pile created by Information Sifting. Can the Corp put any number of cards from the piles on the bottom of R&D?

Ilogos Yes. The Corp can freely choose cards from either, both, or neither pile, as the cards are still in HQ.

Out of the AshesEdit

Can the Runner use more than one copy of Out of the Ashes when their turn begins?

Ilogos Yes, each Out of the Ashes triggers separately from each other. Each copy is finished resolving only after the run has ended, at which time the Runner can resolve another copy (or any other “when your turn begins” abilities).

Is using the “When your turn begins” ability on Out of the Ashes considered to be playing the event?

Ilogos No.

The Runner uses Out of the Ashes to make a run. During that run, she trashes other copies of Out of the Ashes using Faust. When the run is complete, can she trigger one of the newly trashed copies of Out of the Ashes?

Ilogos No. The only copies of Out of the Ashes that are eligible to trigger their “when your turn begins” abilities are the ones that were in the runner’s heap when the trigger condition was met.

Liberated ChelaEdit

If the Runner has 5 points and a Fan Site in their score area, can they use Liberated Chela to win the game before the Corp can forfeit an agenda?

Ilogos No, if adding Liberated Chela to the score area is prevented, then it never becomes an agenda at all.

Temple of the Liberated MindEdit

The Runner uses a power counter from Temple of the Liberated Mind in turn step 1.1 (before “Turn begins”) or step 2.2 (before “End of turn”). Can the gained click be spent on actions at this time?

Ilogos No. Clicks are tracked by running total, and they can only be spent to take an action during step 1.4 (“Take actions”). A click gained before the action phase cannot be spent on an action until the action phase, but it can be lost or spent through card effects, such as Wyldside or Bioroid ice during a run initiated by a card effect. A click gained after the action phase does not return the runner to the action phase, and that click will no longer be available once the turn ends.


Can Andromeda play Rebirth and change into Boris "Syfr" Kovac?

Ilogos No, the factioned identities from Hardwired are for “draft format only” as indicated on the cards.

Can Apex or other runners from Data and Destiny play Rebirth?

Ilogos No.

Guru DavinderEdit

I have Guru Davinder and Net Shield installed and suffer 1 net damage. Can I choose to use Net Shield, or am I forced to use Guru Davinder and decide to pay 4Credit or trash him because his ability is constant versus Net Shield's paid ability? What if it was 1 meat damage and I had Guru Davinder and Muresh Bodysuit? These are both constant, so what happens then?

Ilogos Yes, Guru Davinder prevents all net or meat damage, leaving nothing left for you to use the paid ability on. All simultaneous triggers on your cards are resolved in the order of your choosing.
Note: The original ruling in this UFAQ for this quesiton was reversed by this ruling.

The Turning WheelEdit

After using The Turning Wheel, when does the Runner access an additional card?

Ilogos Each time the Runner accesses cards from HQ or R&D for the remainder of the run.

After using The Turning Wheel, can the Runner choose to access a card from R&D when they access a card from HQ and vice versa?

Ilogos No. The Turning Wheel’s extra accesses are from whichever server the Runner accesses.

Can the Runner wait to see the first card they will access from R&D before deciding to use The Turning Wheel to access another card?

Ilogos No. The Turning Wheel’s ability is activated during paid ability windows and thus cannot be used once accessing has begun.

The Runner activates The Turning Wheel’s ability during an on-access encounter with Archangel. If she continues to access more cards during the run, does she get an additional access from The Turning Wheel?

Ilogos No. The number of cards the Runner accesses during a run on HQ or R&D is determined at the beginning of the access step; it cannot be increased after that point.

Dedicated Neural NetEdit

If the Runner plays Legwork while Dedicated Neural Net is scored, and loses the Psi game, does the Corp choose the cards the Runner will access one at a time, or does the Corp choose a set of cards and the Runner accesses them in any order?

Ilogos The Corp chooses a set of cards for the runner to access of size equal to the number of cards the Runner will access from HQ, then the Runner accesses them one at a time in the order of the Runner’s choosing.

If the Corp has scored Dedicated Neural Net and wins the Psi game, what happens when an Information Sifting run is successful?

Ilogos Dedicated Neural Net has no effect on Information Sifting runs. The Corp will create 2 piles, the Runner will choose one of the piles, then the Runner will access all cards in the pile in the order of her choosing.


When resolving the trace on Waiver, by how much does the Corp’s trace strength need to exceed the Runner’s link strength in order to trash cards with cost X, such as Angel Arena and Bribery?

Ilogos The Corp’s trace strength only needs to exceed the Runner’s link strength by 1 to be considered successful and trash cards with cost X. A printed cost of X is considered to be 0 when referenced outside of paying that cost to play/install the card.

Consulting VisitEdit

If the Corp triggers Mumbad City Hall three times with Jeeves Model Bioroids rezzed, can they reveal Consulting Visit for the third usage of Mumbad City Hall and use the click from Jeeves to pay the additional cost?

Ilogos Yes. Jeeves Model Bioroids triggers off of the Corp paying the clicks, and due to the chain reaction rule it must resolve before Mumbad City Hall continues on to play the Consulting Visit.

If the Corp plays Accelerated Diagnostics and finds Consulting Visit and two other operations, can they play Consulting Visit followed by the other operations seen with Accelerated Diagnostics?

Ilogos No. The three cards looked at with Accelerated Diagnostics are still in R&D, so when Consulting Visit shuffles R&D the cards previously looked at can no longer be played with Accelerated Diagnostics.

When does Consulting Visit shuffle R&D?

Ilogos Consulting Visit shuffles R&D after the complete resolution of the operation that it plays.

Can the Corp use Consulting Visit to search for an operation that cannot be played (such as a Scorched Earth while the Runner is not tagged)?

Ilogos Consulting Visit cannot find an operation that cannot be played. If and only if the only remaining operations in R&D cannot be played, the search fails and the Corp simply shuffles R&D. This also applies to operations with effects that do not have the potential to change the game state, like Psychographics while the Runner has 0 tags.

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