Use these credits to advance, install, and rez cards.
They said it couldn't be built. That it was a fantasy. That Jack Weyland was a fool, and he had bought the fools in Washington too. But year after year the buckyweave grew, and 'they' stopped talking.

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  1. Recurring Credits for Additional Costs Ruling
    Can recurring credits for using icebreakers (e.g. from The Toolbox, stealth chips) be used to pay the additional cost for Midway Station Grid? I'm leaning towards no, because from the text of the card, the additional cost seems like a cost that's separate from the cost of using the icebreaker.

    But what about, say, the following similar situation?

    • Corp has a rezzed Dedicated Server/The Root with 2 recurring credits
    • Runner runs on a server, trashing and using a Cortez Chip on the ice protecting it. The ice on the server has a 0 rez cost (now it has an additional cost of 2 credits).
    Can the corp use the recurring credits on Dedicated Server/The Root to pay for the additional cost incurred by Cortez Chip? The reason I ask is because here the language seems slightly different and it seems ambiguous -- moreso than the Midway Station Grid example -- as to whether the additional cost be paid by recurring credits meant for rezzing ice.

    Recurring credits for icebreakers can be used to pay the additional cost from Midway Station Grid, if the source of the break is an ability on an icebreaker. Same thing goes for The Root and rezzing cards.
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