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The Valley is the first Data Pack in the upcoming SanSan cycle.

Set # Name Faction Type
1 Clot Anarch Program
2 Paige Piper Anarch Resource
3 Adjusted Chronotype Anarch Resource
4 Spike Criminal Program
5 Enhanced Vision Criminal Resource
6 Gene Conditioning Shoppe Shaper Resource
7 Synthetic Blood Shaper Resource
8 Traffic Jam Neutral Event
9 Symmetrical Visage Neutral Resource
10 Brain-Taping Warehouse Haas-Bioroid Asset
11 NEXT Gold Haas-Bioroid Ice
12 Jinteki Biotech, Life Imagined Jinteki Identity
13 Genetic Resequencing Jinteki Agenda
14 Cortex Lock Jinteki Ice
15 Valley Grid Jinteki Upgrade
16 Bandwidth NBN Ice
17 Predictive Algorithm NBN Operation
18 Capital Investors Weyland Consortium Asset
19 Negotiator Weyland Consortium Ice
20 Tech Startup Neutral Asset
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The Valley

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Biotech Valley (known simply as "the Valley" by most) is the world leader in biotechnology firms and genomic research and home to Jinteki Corporation's flagship American R&D facility, the J-Plex. Its location in the northern SanSan megapolis provides numerous collaboration opportunities with nearby Breaker Bay University. The region is also known for having one of the largest concentrations of Japanese immigrants in the Californias, and the Japanese-Mexican fusion franchise Donburrito originally started a a gengineer's side project serving the Onikuza hopper commuter line.


After the Big On, the smaller technology firms that dotted the landscape abandoned the region when their cheap insurance policy payouts could not justify rebuilding. The suddenly cheap and plentiful real estate spurred investment from leading biotech firms in search of a highly educated populace and room to expand. Companies such as Franklin Phrmaceuticals, SyntHex Co., and even a young version of a Japanese company caled Jineki set down roots in this hotspot of opportunity.

The region made a name for itself after the Lunar Insurrection two decades ago. During the War, experimental respirocytes were refined by the Jinteki corporation and introduced by the US military, including the SXC, as part of the medical regiment during Basic. The nanotechnology modifies red blood cells to store and transport over two hundred times more oxygen than normal red blood cels, reducing muscle fatigue and combating the effects of limited oxygen supplies, which was an especially grave concern in space. The technology behind Crimson Dust's green men is also rumored to have come out of the Valley, though Jinteki denies any involvement in the controversial genomic treatment.

Not long after Jinteki announced the commercial viability of vat-grown clones and Satoshi Hiro's promotion to the head of American opeations, the other companies in the region began to falter financially. Harmony Medtech was one of the first to fall, and its sale to Jinteki signaled a cascade of acqisitions as the Japanese company bought out the bulk of its competitors in the region, finding new ways to implement the technology their rivals had been developing. Now, Biotech Valley is dominated by Jinteki, and only a handful of smaller firms remain profitable by pursuing the few market niches Jinteki has not yet cornered.