The first time you would do any amount of net damage during each run on this server, instead you may pay 2Credit to do 1 brain damage.
Known as the Red Woman, Hanzō is notorious for her ruthless methods of server protection.


Page 8, Column 2, Paragraph(s) 6-7, FAQ
The first net damage can be prevented/avoided before Tori Hanzō's replacement ability resolves.

If the first point of net damage is prevented by another effect or replaced with Tori Hanzō's own effect, Tori Hanzō cannot trigger for the remainder of the run.

Related RulingsEdit

  • Confirmed by the above FAQ: Net damage can be prevented before Tori Hanzō can replace it,[1]:Ruling and after the first net damage in a run is prevented or replaced by Tori Hanzō, she cannot trigger again.[2]:Ruling
  • Tori Hanzō and Hokusai Grid must be installed in the root of HQ to be used to give the Runner brain damage during a run with Sneakdoor Beta.[3]:Ruling


  1. Net Shield v. Tori Hanzō Rulings, Question 1
    If the runner has Net Shield installed and is about to take damage from Data Mine, can the corporation use Tori Hanzō to shift the damage to Brain before Net Shield can prevent the damage?

    If the answer is that Net Shield can prevent the damage - is this it because of runner priority?

    If the damage source was House of Knives instead - would it matter?

    This is a topic that will be addressed in the next FAQ. For the time being, treat them as simultaneous effects (thus, during a run, the Runner has priority and can prevent the damage first).
  2. Net Shield v. Tori Hanzō Rulings, Question 2
    Suppose the Corp uses Tori Hanzō to replace the first net damage of the turn with a brain damage. If I then go on to take a net damage later that turn, can I use Net Shield to prevent it? That is, does the Tori Hanzō replacement effect cause the game to forget about the first net damage?
    The game does not forget about the net damage, even though it was turned into brain damage. The Net Shield could not be used.
  3. Sneakdoor Beta v. Hokusai Grid, Tori Hanzō Ruling
    I am wondering about how Tori Hanzō works with Sneakdoor Beta and Hokusai Grid.

    If i am not mistaken, when the runner uses Sneakdoor Beta, an Hokusai Grid on Archives would not trigger but an Hokusai Grid on HQ would, since the replacement effect of Sneakdoor Beta must trigger first.

    Now, let's say I have Hokusai Grid on HQ. The runner uses Sneakdoor Beta and makes a successful run. Can I use a Tori Hanzō on HQ to change the Hokusai Grid damage to brain damage? What about a Tori Hanzō on Archives?

    Tori Hanzō would have to be protecting HQ, just like the Hokusai Grid, to be used.
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