After playing an event, it is resolved and then immediately trashed. When an event is trashed can vary based on the type of effect it has. As a general rule, an event is trashed once the "initial" effect of it has resolved, with any other hanging triggers or abilities existing separately from the card. An event that initiates a run is a special case, and is not trashed until the run itself is completed.

Question 1Edit

Stimhack + Doppel. Float Stim trigger, resolve Doppel into Plan B/Chronos. in that case, Stim doesn't get removed from game cuz it hasn't finished resolving? or Stim DOES get removed because it is trashed when its "when run ends" trigger floats?


Tybb-sly Stimhack would live. It's not in the heap yet.

Question 2Edit

if the Stim were a Siphon in the same scenario, AS would get trashed tho?


Tybb-sly Correct. AS doesn't stick around long enough.

Question 3Edit

Can you resolve Stimhack's brain damage before doppel; if so, is stimhack removed from game?


Tybb-sly Simultaneous choice. So yes, Stimhack is trashed/removed from game.

Question 4Edit

Doesn't that mean Test Run doesn't resolve/trash until the end of turn?


Tybb-sly You resolve the initial effect and then the card is trashed. In the case of a run, you resolve the entire run. make a run is a special case.


It is unclear how to identify the "initial effect" for an event that determines when that event is trashed after being played.

The rules and structures for events presumably work the same for operations.


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