Move up to 2 advancement tokens from a card to another installed card that can be advanced.
Smoke and mirrors optional.


Page 6, Column 1, Paragraph(s) 9, FAQ
Trick of Light can only be used to move advancement tokens from an installed card to another installed card.

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  • Confirmed by the clarifications above: Trick of Light can move advancement tokens off of installed Runner cards but not off of identities.[1]:Ruling
  • Trick of Light cannot be used to move the additional advancement token considered to be on ice protecting a server with Satellite Grid installed in it.[2]:Ruling


  1. Tennin Institute + Trick of Light Rulings, Question 3
    If i put advancement counters on my opponents console, can i trick off them? Trick of Light doesn't explicitly state that the first target must be installed. If "another" indicates that it also needs to be installed, shouldn't also require the first card to be advanceable (and then you couldn't use your popup window as a ToL battery)?
    The "another" on Trick of Light refers only to the fact that the other card must be installed. It cannot be used to move tokens from the Tennin Institute.
  2. Satellite Grid + Trick of Light Ruling
    can the additional advancement token granted by Satellite Grid be moved with a Trick of Light?
    No you can't Trick of Light it.
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