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Twitter rulings are rules answers given by Lukas Litzsinger via his twitter feed. It is generally preferred to submit an official rules question, but occasionally a quick rules answer is needed or desired. Twitter rulings are still under the Semi-Official tier of canonicity, but are generally considered to hold less sway due to the platform's communication limitations. Like an officially submitted ruling, Twitter rulings can and have been reversed by official FAQ updates.

A selection of important twitter rulings has been archived below.

  • Prevent and avoid abilities can only be used to prevent/avoid the listed effect, even if the prevent/avoid ability has other effects.[1]:Ruling
  • If a Runner with 1Link installs Dyson Mem Chip with The Supplier before triggering Underworld Contact, then the Underworld Contact will payout when it is triggered.[2]:Ruling
  • The Corporation is not required to reveal his/her unrezzed cards at the end of the game, but the Runner can request that a judge confirm the Corporation is not cheating.[3]:Ruling
  • When an infinite Wormhole loop occurs, the Corporation chooses a number of times for the loop to repeat and then the run continues.[4]:Ruling
  • Archives Interface has an install cost of 3Credit. Misprinted copies should not be used without paying the correct install cost.[5]:Ruling
  • Forked Trashes Troll if the Runner Encounters It, but Does Not Trash a Bypassed Komainu.[6]:Ruling
  • The card hosted on Glenn Station is trashed when Glenn Station is forfeited.[7]:Ruling
  • Security Testing targeting HQ always resolves over Account Siphon.[8]:Ruling
  • Paying negative costs does not result in a player gaining money.[9]:Ruling
  • The Runner cannot break subroutines outside of an encounter.[10]:Ruling
  • Moving counters is not the same as placing counters.[11]:Ruling
  • Chum's ability refers to the next time the Runner encounters a piece of ice, not the next piece of ice itself.[12]:Ruling
  • If the Runner chooses to resolve Woman in the Red Dress before Vigil and the Corporation uses the effect to draw up to his/her hand size, Vigil will resolve and draw the Runner a card.[13]:Ruling
  • Self-destruct's ability causes the server to cease to exist, which immediately ends the run. Thus, effects that last during the run like RSVP stop being active,[14]:Ruling and end-of-run abilities like Stimhack trigger immediately before the trace.[15]:Ruling
  • Trick of Light cannot move the additional advancement token considered to be hosted on ice protecting a server with Satellite Grid installed in it.[16]:Ruling
  • Damage is dealt simultaneously after the cards that will be discarded are chosen in the order they will enter the heap.[17]:Ruling If the amount of damage is greater than the number of cards in the Runner's grip, the Runner is flatlined.[18]:Ruling After all the cards have been discarded simultaneously, I've Had Worse triggers if the Runner hasn't flatlined.[19]:Ruling
  • Leela Patel's ability can trigger in the middle of accessing multiple cards from HQ. The card bounced to HQ can be accessed by any remaining accesses.[20]:Ruling
  • The Corporation can rez and use IT Department during approach before the Runner has a chance to act.[21]:Ruling
  • Only one Self-destruct can be used per run per server.[22]:Ruling
  • Shoot the Moon rezzes as many pieces of ice as possible up to the number of tags the Runner has.[23]:Ruling
  • Which card the Corporation draws and which cards the Corporation puts on the bottom of R&D are open information.[24]:Ruling
  • The infamous IT Department ruling, in which Lukas initially gave a misleading answer but then corrected himself. IT Department can stack its effects,[25]:Ruling and it is a constant effect that updates as counters are spent,[26]:Ruling, even if the IT Department is then trashed.[27]:Ruling
  • Access replacement effects can be used with Eater.[28]:Ruling
  • The Corporation starts the game with only one bad publicity when GRNDL and Valencia Estevez play against each other.[29]:Ruling
  • Cards installed in a central server's root are not included in effects that reference cards "in" that central server.[30]:Ruling
  • Both effects for the traces on zodiac ice resolve after the trace is finished.[31]:Ruling
  • "Do X to Y" is implied as "do cost to effect."[32]:Ruling Preventing the tag from Snatch and Grab causes the connection to get trashed anyway.[33]:Ruling
  • Which card the Corporation installs from R&D with Architect is open information.[34]:Ruling
  • The Runner cannot use Order of Sol to pay part of the additional cost to steal NAPD Contract, gain 1Credit, and pay the rest of the cost.[35]:Ruling
  • Whizzard cannot spend any remaining recurring credits while Cerebral Static is in play.[36]:Ruling
  • Universal Connectivity Fee can force a non-tagged Runner to lose a credit from Ghost Runner, but it does not drain a Ghost Runner of a tagged Runner.[37]:Ruling
  • Nasir Meidan gains credits equal to whatever the rez cost of the ice encountered is at the time that his ability resolves.[38]:Ruling
  • Deus X can prevent all the damage from a single Psychic Field.[39]:Ruling
  • The Runner can still bypass the second piece of ice encountered during a run initiated by Fient if the first piece of ice encountered is Guard and the Runner breaks the subroutine on Guard.[40]:Ruling
  • The Runner can still play a priority event after losing clicks, as long as it is played with the first click spent.Priority Must Be Played With First Spent Click Ruling
  • Advancement tokens are removed from agendas when scored.[41]:Ruling


  1. Prevent and Avoid Ability Timing Ruling
    Can I use my sacrificial clone just to clear tags (like, post-midseasons) or is it only when you're about to take damage?
    Nope. Only use prevent/avoid to prevent/avoid.
  2. Underworld Contact, The Supplier, and Dyson Mem Chip Ruling
    Andromeda has Underworld Contacts and a Supplier with Dyson Mem Chip on it. Turn begins. Can she get the Underworld credits now?
    Yes, the Contact was active when the trigger condition was met, so provided the Dyson is installed first you can.
  3. Reveal Unrezzed Cards Ruling
    We got a doubt for tournament play today. Do you have to show your face down cards to the enemy after the game is over? Problem is, someone could place an agenda as an ice, and later when he finds a jackson howard, destroy and shuffle.
    You do not, but the Runner can always ask the Corp to do so. If you think the Corp is cheating, you can call a judge.
  4. Infinite Wormhole Loop Ruling
    If a runner hits a Wormhole, and the only other rezzed ice is another Wormhole, how is the infinite loop resolved?
    You resolve it as many times as you like, say, 10,000 times, and then move on with the game.
  5. Archives Interface Misprint Ruling
    I assume misprinted draft copies are not tourney legal if they change something important like the cards cost, right?
    Probably shouldn't use them. I wouldn't *stop* someone from using it but they have to play it as a 3 cost card.
  6. Forked v. No Subroutine Ice Ruling
    Can the ICE Troll be trashed using Spooned, Knifed, or Forked? I would imagine not due to 0 subs, but just wanted to make sure. Given that, sorry to beat the old Femme horse, but how does she interact with Komainu + Forked? Does Komainu trash as Femme's ability triggered on encounter, or do the subs still appear post-bypass Or does the bypass on encounter override the encounter as if it never happened? Or something else?
    If you encounter it you break zero subs which is all. If you bypass ice you don't break subs, wouldn't resolve on the Komainu.
  7. Forfeited Glenn Station Ruling
    What happens to that hosted card? Just trashed to Archives or also removed from play like Glenn Station?
    Trashed to archives
  8. Security Testing + Account Siphon Ruling
    FAQ 1.5.35 seems incorrect given new understanding of ability types. As ST triggers at 4.4 and Siphon isn't triggered, doesn't ST replace access with creds before Siphon would ever come into play?
    Yeah that's the way it works now.
  9. Negative Costs Ruling
    rez costs cannot go below zero, correct? IE there is no "Negative cost" that translates to credit gain when rezzing
    Yeah, anything negative does not turn into a positive.
  10. Cannot Break Subroutines Outside Encounter Ruling
    any answer on using Grap hook to break subs on an ICE other than one being encountered? Expect no but would love confirmation
    You can't break subs outside of an encounter. This will be in the next FAQ.
  11. Moving Counters v. Placing Counters Ruling
    is moving virus tokens the same as placing virus tokens for the purposes of Surge?
    No, they're different.
  12. "Next" Ice Ruling
    what about a solitary chum over a twins. If I have two chum in hand, does the third encounter have 8 str or 6?
    "Next" just means the next time, so it would have 6 strength each time.
  13. Vigil + Woman in the Red Dress Ruling
    Vigil+Woman in the RD. Runner chooses to resolve WitRD 1st, corp draws to equal max hand size. Does Vigil then let you draw?
    Yes Vigil would give you a card if the Corp drew to max hand size.
  14. Self-destruct Ends the Run Ruling, Question 1
    If a runner has passed and not broken RSVP during a run. If Self Destruct is rezzed and used can the runner spend credits?
    The Runner can spend credits since the run has ended under current FAQ; the server no longer exists.
  15. Self-destruct Ends the Run Ruling, Question 2
    Take next step, if Self-Destruct ends run, does Stimhack brain damage happen before the trace? After? Where? Timing would matter in case with use Stimhack, 1 card in grip, Ekomind and Deus X in play.
    The Stimhack would resolve first which would mean you couldn't use the Deus X.
  16. Satellite Grid + Trick of Light Ruling
    can the additional advancement token granted by Satellite Grid be moved with a Trick of Light?
    No you can't Trick of Light it.
  17. I've Had Worse Timing Ruling, Question 1
    Do you check for a flatline condition before triggering I've Had Worse or is damage dealt serially?
    Damage is dealt simultaneously.
  18. I've Had Worse Timing Ruling, Question 2
    If I have no cards in grip other than a single I've Had Worse and the Corp plays Scorched Earth, do I lose?
    The Runner loses.
  19. I've Had Worse Timing Ruling, Question 3
    If you are dealt nonlethal dmg by a Scorch and the first card discarded is IHW do you have to wait until all dmg is done b4 draw?
    Yes you wait. The damage is taken at once, but you do need to establish the order the cards are trashed.
  20. Leela + Multiple Access Ruling
    Leela plays Legwork. 1st card is agenda. Does ID ability trigger before 2nd card accessed? Or are all 3 accessed then ID ability?
    Accessed one at a time, so it bounces and you could then access it.
  21. IT Department Timing Ruling
    IOW, is rezzing ice part of the paid ability window or separate? Unclear whether only non-ice rezzes are inside the window.
    Rezzing is part of the same window. You can rez and boost with IT Dept. before the Runner Parasites.
  22. One Self-destruct Per Server Ruling
    If I have two (or more) Self-destructs in the same server, can I blow them up in a way that the runner takes more than 3 damage?
    [No once triggered a paid ability must fully resolve. 1st SD would trash other while resolving]
  23. Shoot the Moon Clarification Ruling
    for Shoot The Moon, can I rez a number of ice less than the no. Of tags the runner has? E.g. 1 ice when runner floats 3 tags.
    You rez as many as you can.
  24. Daily Business Show Information Ruling
    if daily business show draws 2 cards known to runner (e.g. Medium), can corp shuffle them before adding one to bottom of R&D?
    Runner should know; it's an open action.
  25. IT Department Ruling, Question 1
    3 counter IT Dept. Is it: -2 counters = +5 strength (3+2), or -2 counters = +3 strength (3 counters on ITD incl. those removed)?
    There is reason to use IT Dept with 3 counters on an ice. 2 counters makes it +2 and +2. Only spending 3 gives +3.
    Also, if you have more than 3 counters on IT Dept you can still get more strength for one ice.
  26. IT Department Ruling, Question 2
    I'm still misunderstanding, how is this 18 and not 19? Rechecking past resolved events and modifying them in retrospect?
    The ability constantly rechecks the number on the card.
  27. IT Department Ruling, Question 3
    What happens to existing ice buffs when ITD is trashed? Each gives +1+0 str or what?
    Each gets the initial +1.
  28. Eater + Access Replacement Effects Ruling
    crux of the Q: Eater allows access replacement effects because you're still doing the access phase, just with 0 accessed, yes?
    That is correct. It's still there to be replaced.
  29. GRNDL v. Valencia Estevez Ruling
    with how many Bad Pubs GRNDL will begin the game against Valencia? 1 or 2?
    1 bad publicity!
  30. "In a Server" Clarification Ruling
    Rules question: when a card mentions "in HQ", "in R&D" or "in Archives", does it include the upgrades in the root?
    "In HQ" et al does not refer to the root; the root is called out specifically.
  31. Zodiac Ice Clarification Ruling
    Timing on Constelation ICE. If I push Taurus trace beyond 5, can I trash his Toolbox (and the +2 link) before the runner bids?
    No, you have to wait for both players to bid.
  32. Snatch and Grab Tag Is a Cost Ruling, Question 2
    is the key difference "X to Y" vs. "Y unless X"? "To" implies cost?
    To does imply cost. I try not to use it very often because it isn't transparent.
  33. Snatch and Grab Tag Is a Cost Ruling, Question 1
    Snatch & Grab - does Runner take a trash to prevent trace or to prevent result of trace? Can the Runner prevent the tag w/ NACH?
    If you prevent the tag then the first part is not prevented and you lose the connection.
  34. Architect Install Information Ruling
    when Architect installs a card from R&D, does corp have to say which position it was? Relevant to prior Indexing or multiaccess.
    Architect install shouldn't be secret since you can't change order.
  35. All Costs Must Be Paid Simultaneously Ruling
    If Order of Sol triggers mid-Sure Gamble, can I use it to steal an NAPD with only 3c in my current pool on access?
    No. You must pay all of the cost at once or not at all.
  36. Whizzard v. Cerebral Static Ruling
    if Whizzard is under Cerebral Static, he still has his old credits. Can he spend them on anything since the restriction is blank?
    Nope. The credits have no way to be spent since they are not part of the credit pool.
  37. Universal Connectivity Fee v. Ghost Runner Ruling
    Per new FAQ, Tollbooth eats Ghost Runner. Same for Universal Connectivity Fee?
    The credits aren't in your credit pool, but it could eat 1.
  38. Nasir Check Timing Ruling
    Say I have Deep Red and am playing Nasir. Corp Rezes, I CMC a Rook, trigger to host on newly rezzed card. Does Nasir get +2 cash?
    Yeah that works. Rez cost is whatever the current value is.
  39. Deus X v. Psychic Field Ruling
    unsure how deus x interacts with psychic field. Trash to prevent 1 or all damage?
    Deus X prevents all of it.
  40. Feint v. Guard Ruling
    Sorry should have been clearer. Can you still bypass if you break Guard? One bypass after guard or two?
    Ah gotcha. You only bypass one since you still encountered the Guard.
  41. Remove Advancement Tokens from Scored Agendas Ruling
    Some say Tricks of Light can move advancement tokens off scored agendas cos rulebook doesn't say to remove them when scored...
    Youre right. Cant do it. Trick of Light implies that the card is installed; safe to assume counters are removed from scored agendas.
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