If the Runner spends ClickClick to break two subroutines on a 2.0 Bioroid, only one of those breaks will be usable for e3 Feedback Implants if the first break is prevented with a Tyr's Hand. Both broken subroutines trigger e3 Feedback Implants, but after the first use of e3 Feedback Implants is prevented with Tyr's Hand, it is too late to make use of the other trigger.


If a runner encounters Heimdall 2.0 and pays 2 clicks to break both the first two subroutines, then tried to use e3 Feedback Implants to break the third subroutine, but has that break prevented by Tyr's Hand, can the runner use e3 Feedback Implants again (since they initially broke 2 subroutines, triggering e3 Feedback Implants twice?) or has the chance to use e3 Feedback Implants now passed and the End the Run subroutine resolves.

So the sequence is:

  • ClickClick: Break 2 subroutines
  • e3 Feedback Implants triggers (Once or Twice?)
  • use e3 Feedback Implants to break third (Tyr's Hand rezzes and prevents this)

Is there a pending e3 Feedback Implants trigger to break the third again?


It is presumed that Lukas meant for the Runner to use E3 Feedback Implants on the third subroutine.

Spending two clicks to break two subroutines triggers e3 Feedback Implants twice, with both of the breaks resolving at the same time. But if the Corp then uses e3 on the third subroutine and that e3 Feedback Implants use is prevented, the chain is broken and e3 Feedback Implants cannot be used again.

Follow Up
Both of the subroutines allow the Runner to break another subroutine, but the Runner cannot choose to break a subroutine more than once at the same time, so one of the triggers is essentially wasted. Once the e3 Feedback Implants tries to resolve and is prevented, it is too late to break the subroutine again.


Posted to Board Game Geek by Omy Moose on January 17, 2014

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