The ANCUR Unofficial Frequently Asked Questions (or UFAQ) document is a rules resource put together by the editing staff of ANCUR. Originally conceived by Jacob Morris and Lukas Litzsinger, the first series of UFAQs took the form of questions posed through the official Fantasy Flight support form ahead of the release of new cards. The answers from Lukas and Damon were then compiled and posted for all to read as the respective data packs released.

The editing staff in charge of the UFAQ are Jacob Morris, Jamie Perconti, and Benjamin Finkel.

Mumbad Cycle UFAQsEdit

Flashpoint Cycle UFAQsEdit

Starting with the Flashpoint cycle, the UFAQs took on a new format. Instead of being comprised of answers directly from the design team, the UFAQs are prepared by the ANCUR editing staff, edited as necessary according to Damon Stone's direction, and finally approved by him for release to the public. The first Flashpoint UFAQ for 23 Seconds was initially delayed due to FAQ 3.1 releasing the same week as the data pack.

After the Blood Money UFAQ was delayed for a several months, Netrunner ended up getting a new lead designer. With the release of Daedalus Complex, Michael Boggs become the new overseer of the game and the UFAQ, including the backlogged UFAQS from the rest of the Flashpoint packs.

Red Sands Cycle UFAQsEdit

Kitara Cycle UFAQs Edit

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