With SanSan cycle behind us, Data and Destiny around the corner, and Mumbad spoilers in full-swing, I am very pleased to announce a new feature that will be coming to Project Ancur: Unofficial FAQ Updates!

The FAQ is an awesome document. Between it, the rule book, and the frequent content releases, the LCG team at Fantasy Flight has done a good job of keeping Android: Netrunner healthy, considering how complicated of a game it is. Each version of the FAQ adds new pieces to the puzzle, providing a framework that increasingly allows the community to discover the game's underlying mechanics to correctly interpret future cards.

However, I think everyone can agree that these FAQ updates don't happen frequently enough. Why should players be expected to leave the function of new cards up to individual interpretation for months on end? How many of them will spend the unreasonable amounts of time and effort that I do on learning the ins and outs of the game? And why should tournament matches be decided by card interactions that don't make it into the FAQ until well after the cards are legal for play?

So far I've kept this fairly quiet, but working on Ancur has afforded me certain professional opportunities to help make Android: Netrunner a better game. Earlier this year I was asked by Lukas Litzsinger and Erik Dahlman to do some contract editing for the Mumbad cycle of cards, a job I eagerly accepted and continue to accept as work on future sets continues.

What this means is that I have advance knowledge of the cards that will be coming out, so I have a special chance to help the Netrunner community in a way that wasn't possible until now. As each data pack in the Mumbad cycle releases, I will post a collection of mechanically interesting interactions and clarifications on the cards in that pack. I will compile anticipated questions into an email and submit them to Lukas ahead of the release of each pack. After FFG announces the pack as shipping, I will post the questions and answer here on Ancur for all to see once the pack's contents are known to the public.

This will be far from perfect. Even having worked on the cards, I can't guarantee I'll think of everything everyone needs to know about the cards. But I believe this will help alleviate some of the rules overhead issues surrounding Android: Netrunner. If even one person finds an answer to a question before having to tweet it to Lukas, I'll consider this a success.

If you have any questions or feedback as Project Ancur moves into this new chapter, please consider following us on Twitter and asking away.

Happy Netrunning.

Jacob 'jakodrako' Morris

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