This ruling was clarified in FAQ 1.5. See Using Icebreakers Outside Encounters.

Prevent/avoid abilities can only be triggered when the effect to be prevented or avoided occurs.

It was originally ruled that non-prevent/avoid paid abilities can be used on approach to avoid paying Tollbooth's toll. It has since been clarified that this does not apply to abilities that break subroutines, but abilities that boost an icebreaker's strength can be used in this way.


The Runner approaches a piece of ICE during a run. The Corp rezzes Tollbooth. The Runner has 3 credits. Can he use Net Shield or New Angeles City Hall to spend a part of his money so that he doesn't lose it all? What about using the Corroder?

Earlier you said: "You can trash a Corporate Troubleshooter even if there is no ice protecting the server."

So a cost can be paid even if the effect does nothing, right?


Tybb-sly You cannot use prevent or avoid effects unless the condition that they are preventing/avoiding is occurring. You could use a non-prevent/avoid paid ability such as on Corroder to spend 1 credit when the Corp rezzes Tollbooth. We will take another look at this scenario before releasing the next FAQ, but that is currently a valid interaction.

Followup QuestionEdit

I'd like to clarify one thing though: What about Deus X's ability "Trash: Break any number of AP subroutines."? Or Mimic's "Pay 1 credit: break 1 sentry subroutine"? Can the runner use those when there are no subroutines to break?


This part of the ruling no longer applies; you cannot break subroutines outside of an encounter with a piece of ice. See Using Icebreakers Outside Encounters.
Tybb-sly Since those are non prevent/avoid abilities you could also use those.


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