When your turn begins, reveal the top card of R&D. The Corp may draw that card.
Looks can be deceiving.

Related RulingsEdit

  • The Runner can choose to trigger Woman in the Red Dress before Vigil. If this causes the Corporation to draw up to maximum hand size, Vigil will draw the Runner a card.[1]:Ruling


The Woman in Red is a relatively common trope in media and advertising. The color red is considered to be seductive and distracting, and its use in advertising is so prevalent that it has been studied by psychologists.[2]

Notable examples of the Woman in Red include one of the first female comic book superheroes, the Woman in Red who distracts Neo in The Matrix film, and Ana Cumpănaş, who supposedly wore red to help the police catch famous gangster John Dillinger.[3]


  1. Vigil + Woman in the Red Dress Ruling
    Vigil+Woman in the RD. Runner chooses to resolve WitRD 1st, corp draws to equal max hand size. Does Vigil then let you draw?
    Yes Vigil would give you a card if the Corp drew to max hand size.
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